Wells Fargo Promotions

If you’re looking at opening a new bank account or getting a new credit card, bank bonuses and promotions can help you land some free money in the process.

Many banks, such as Wells Fargo Bank, offer different seasonal and ongoing promotions with Well Fargo’s bonuses and offers, covering both personal as well as business consumers.

Wells Fargo customers have a lot to look forward to, including some of the most generous bonuses on offer, as we will see.

The available promotions are as varied as the bank’s customer base, helping different people take advantage of what the bank has to offer.

Current Wells Fargo Bonuses

Here is the list of the current Wells Fargo promotions and bonuses on offer that you can take advantage of today:

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card: $150 Bonus

The Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card is well known for its cash back scheme and comes with a few perks, including a $150 cash rewards bonus amount.

  1. Apply for and get the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card
  2. Make purchases worth $500 or more in the first three months

The bonus offer is subject to qualification criteria and is available to citizens as well as permanent resident aliens of the USA.

The card also has an unlimited 1.5% cash rewards system on all purchases with some exclusions.

There is more good news as cash rewards remain valid for as long as the account remains open.

There is also an introductory offer with an APR of 0% for the first 15 months from opening the account.

To qualify for this offer, you will need to make a balance transfer request within the qualification period.

This is set as the first 120 days from opening the account. Once the 15 months elapsed, the APR will vary between 14.49% and 24.99% depending on your credit score.


  • No annual fee
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring
  • Account alerts
  • Zero liability protection (when unauthorized transactions are reported straight away)
  • No minimum daily balance

Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card: 20,000 Bonus Points

The Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card is an excellent card for several reasons.

Not only can you get rewards faster than with other cards, but there’s also an ongoing promotion that can see you get as many as 20,000 bonus points.

These points have a cash redemption value of $200

  1. Apply for and get the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card
  2. Make $1,000 worth of purchases within the first three months of opening the account

There are some other bonus requirements, including not having opened a Wells Fargo credit card account and received some form of an offer in the previous 15 months.

The card and bonus on offer are available to U.S. citizens and permanent resident aliens alike.

The points rewards system has no maximum cap. This means that you can keep on collecting points without worry.

There is more good news as any points you earn also do not expire for as long as the account remains open.

You will also get three times the points when using the card on the following debit card purchases:

  • Eating out
  • Ordering in
  • Gas stations
  • Rideshares
  • Transit
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car rentals
  • Homestays
  • Popular streaming services

At the moment, there’s an introductory offer where the APR is set at 0% for the first 12 months from account opening.

Once this period is over, you can expect an APR of anywhere between 14.49% and 24.99%.


  • No annual fee
  • Cell phone protection
  • No forex conversion fees

Wells Fargo Business Elite Signature Card: $1,000 Bonus

The Wells Fargo Business Elite Signature Card is available for businesses that are generating over $1 million in sales each year.

It comes with many useful features, such as spending controls and dedicated customer service.

The bank is also offering an ongoing promotion where you can get a one-off $1,000 cash back bonus with this card.

  1. Open a Wells Fargo Business Elite Signature Card account
  2. Spend $25,000 within the first three months of opening the account

You can also choose to get 100,000 bonus points instead of outright cash and let these accumulate with your cash back points.

The card also offers you a choice between 1.5% cash back on each $1 spent or a 1% cash back for each $1 spent, and an additional 5,000 points when you spend $10,000 or more in a month.

The card is free for the first year, with an annual fee of $125 after that.

You also get a $100 Travel Incidental Fee Reimbursement per calendar year.


  • No forex transaction fees
  • Add as many as 200 employee cards
  • Bill payment
  • Reporting tools

Wells Fargo Business Platinum Credit Card: $500 Bonus

If you’re the owner of a smaller business, you might want to consider the Business Platinum Credit Card.

Here, there are no minimum turnover amounts and a lower spending threshold to get the cash back bonus on offer.

  1. Open a Wells Fargo Business Platinum Credit Card account
  2. Enroll in the Business Card Rewards program
  3. Spend $5,000 in the first three months of opening the account

You can also choose to get 50,000 bonus points instead of the cash back bonus.

The card features a 1.5% cash back for each dollar spent and has a 0% introductory rate that is valid for the first nine consecutive months of opening the account.

One thing to bear in mind when applying for a new credit card – receiving regular monthly income is a must.

Especially if you’re applying for a credit card and are planning to spend money on it – paying it back monthly is something you’ll definitely have to do if you don’t want your credit score to be negatively affected.

The Business Platinum Card comes with several other features designed to help businesses with their banking requirements.


  • No annual card fee
  • Add up to 99 employee cards
  • Tools for cash management
  • Online spending reports
  • Online banking
  • Bill payment

Wells Fargo ATM Checking: $150 – $200 Bonus

Using an ATM to withdraw cash has never been as profitable thanks to this bonus that can see you get a coupon worth up to $200.

Taking advantage of this offer is easy.

  1. Withdraw money using a debit card that is not from Wells Fargo at a Wells Fargo ATM
  2. If a pop-up appears asking you what you would do with $150 or $200, select gas and groceries
  3. The coupon will print once you finish transacting

The bank might be required to run a Soft Pull credit check during the qualification process. Unlike a Hard Pull credit check, this does not affect your credit score.

The offer is available nationwide, but it’s a targeted promotion. This means that it is only available to a select group of people.


  • Cannot be an account owner or joint-owner of a Wells Fargo checking account in the past six months
  • Cannot be a Wells Fargo employee
  • Cannot have received a checking bonus in the past year

There is an optional direct deposit requirement of $500 or more.

This direct deposit must come from payment of salary, pension, social security, or another form of monthly payments.

Wells Fargo Business Checking: $1,000 Bonus

If you’re looking to open a new checking account, you might want to consider opening it with Wells Fargo.

This targeted offer can see you get a $1,000 cash bonus that’s exclusive to new checking customers when opening an eligible account.

To get the bonus, just follow the offer requirements set by the bank.

  1. Visit a Wells Fargo branch and open either a Platinum Business Checking Account or an Analyzed Business Checking account
  2. Make a minimum opening deposit of $25 or more
  3. Make sure you deposit a minimum of $25,000 or more within ten days of account opening the account
  4. Make at least ten qualifying transactions within the first 180 days of opening the account
  5. Have a minimum balance of $25,000 on day 180 from opening the account

The business checking account bonus is available nationwide.

You will need to visit a Wells Fargo branch to be eligible for this offer, so remember to check their website for the one closest to you.

The bank might require a Soft Pull credit check during the account opening process. This type of credit check will not affect your credit score.

The participating business checking accounts come with a few features that are different from those available with a Well Fargo consumer checking account.

The features vary from one type of account to another, making each type of account better suited to different business needs.

A Platinum Business Checking account is best suited for businesses and organizations that have already established themselves.

Companies that have high balances and see quite a bit of financial activity can find this type of account more useful as well as those businesses and organizations that place importance on premier relationship services.

On the other hand, an Analyzed Business Checking account is better suited for large businesses and organizations that have a high number of transactions. This type of checking account is particularly useful for companies that have complex cash management requirements.

Wells Fargo ATM Digital Wallet: $5 Bonus

You can get a $5 bonus when using a Wells Fargo debit card with a Digital Wallet when using it for the first time at an ATM

  1. Go to a Wells Fargo ATM and use your digital wallet
  2. Enter the PIN of your debit card
  3. Finish the transaction at the ATM

The offer is limited to one bonus per household and can only be availed of once.

It can take up to 8 weeks for the bonus to be credited to your linked account.

Wells Fargo Campus Card

The Wells Fargo Campus debit card is an exclusive program available at select colleges and universities, offering optional banking services to faculty, staff, and students alike.

The program features many benefits that you can avail yourself of by linking your new everyday checking account to your Campus Card.


  • No monthly service fee/ account fee
  • No fees from Well Fargo when using your card for ATM transaction money withdrawal from non-Wells Fargo ATM in the U.S. (limited to 4 withdrawals every monthly fee period)
  • No fees on Overdraft Protection Transfers from a linked savings account when enrolled in Overdraft Protection Services
  • One courtesy refund on overdraft or NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) every month
  • One courtesy refund on incoming domestic or international wire transfers

You can also choose to link your Wells Fargo checking account to:

  • Campus ATM Card. Through this option, your student I.D. card issued by your school doubles as your official campus I.D. as well as your ATM card. This means that you can use the same card you use to gain access to campus perks to access an ATM as well as make purchases using a supplied PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Campus Affinity Debit Card. This is an optional Visa debit card that is designed exclusively for your school. You can use this card to access ATMs and make purchases. This card does not provide access to campus perks.

Not only does the Wells Fargo Campus card make it easier than ever before to withdraw from a linked Wells Fargo campus ATM, but it also comes with a few other features and services designed to make your financial life easier.

These include a mobile app that you can use to make debit card payments of bills and access many other functions, such as:

  • Account activity checking
  • Check mobile deposits
  • Fund transfers
  • Bill payments
  • Money transfers
  • Notifications
  • Email alerts
  • Keeping track of posted debit card purchases

You will also get access to different financial management tools and educational resources to help you stay on top of your finances for a brighter future.

To get started, speak to a Wells Fargo team member today.

About Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo is the third-largest bank in the U.S. and the fourth-largest bank in the world.

Their total asset value is over 1.7 trillion U.S. dollars, and they have a rich history dating as far back as 1852.

The bank is also considered to be the largest mortgage lender and auto lender in the U.S., making it a favorite among consumers.

Wells Fargo Bank is also a member of the FDIC, meaning your deposits are insured up to $250,000.

Wells Fargo Bank Branches

Wells Fargo is available nationwide. There are over 6,000 bank branches across the U.S., so whether you’re in Houston or Orlando, finding a local branch shouldn’t be difficult.

And even if some states don’t have a branch, finding banking locations within a short car ride shouldn’t be a problem.

Plus, you can access Wells Fargo through their online banking services 24/7.

Check out the full list of routing numbers here, or get in touch with their customer service here: 1-800-869-3557.

Wells Fargo Bank Security

Like many other financial institutions, Wells Fargo takes security seriously and has several fraud-monitoring measures in place to make sure your money is safe – and that’s a huge bonus.

The bank uses an Automated Clearing House (ACH) – one of the most advanced systems in finance, which helps not only reduce fraud risk but also lower processing costs and minimize errors.


What are bank bonuses?

Bank bonuses are cash rewards and other perks the bank gives to its customers for meeting specific criteria.

In most cases, these involve depositing a certain amount of new money into a new account and holding it there for some time.

There are several reasons why a bank does this. These reasons can include anything from attracting new customers to rewarding customers that have been with the bank for a very long time.

Either way, taking advantage of these bonuses on offer can see you get extra cash, which is always welcome.

What should I look out for?

While free money is always something to look forward to, it’s important to take note of the fine print that accompanies any sign-up bonus you’re thinking of taking.

Most promotions and bonuses require several direct deposits to be made into the account within so many days of opening the account (has to be a deposit by your employer or an outside agency).

The funds usually have to be kept in the deposit account for several months before you become eligible for the bonus.

Some offers are available online, while others are exclusively in-branch.

Do keep in mind that some accounts also have a fee that has to be paid every fee period, which is mostly set to monthly.

The applicable APR rate is another important point to take into consideration, especially the applicable rate once any introductory offers are over.

Ultimately, each promotion is subject to its own terms and conditions.

This makes it important to make sure you understand the restrictions and obligations surrounding each offer you want to take up.

All information should be available through the promotion page on the bank’s website. If you cannot find it, be sure to ask one of the bank’s representatives for a copy.

We will now look at the different bonuses on offer, how you can take advantage of them, and what other perks you can look forward to when opening a new Wells Fargo consumer account or business account.

Is A Wells Fargo Bonus For You?

Wells Fargo is an excellent bank if you’re looking to open a new account while making your money go further by taking advantage of some bonus offer codes.

As with all bank bonuses, some are only available to new Wells Fargo customers.

So, for example, if you’re a current owner of a Wells Fargo consumer account, it is best to check with Wells Fargo customer service before applying for a new card or account so that you can be sure that you’ll definitely get the bonus.

Before opening a new bank account to claim any bonus, be sure to take the time to shop around.

Many card issuers are offering bonuses right now, but looking at the bonus requirements and eligibility criteria set by the bank can help you narrow it down to the ones that could really work for you.

Take the time to understand the eligibility requirements to avoid disappointment.

Some accounts also have a monthly service fee, but in most cases, this can be waived by meeting specific requirements.

Many banks around the country have ongoing and seasonal promotions, but you do have to be mindful of their expiration dates as they change frequently.

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