How To Get Free Money Now

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Here’s a phrase you don’t hear very often: “free money!” Sounds scammy, right?

But fear not! There are actually quite a few ways to get free money online using a variety of different services. And while none of these will make you a millionaire, they will pad your pockets with extra change for a night on the town.

Don’t believe us? No problem, because in this article, we’ll show you 18 ways how to get free money. Many of these promotions simply pay you for signing up or using their service—and more often than not, they pay almost instantly.

18 Ways To Get Free Money Fast

Here are 18 easy ways how you can get free money now:

  1. 🏆 Survey Junkie: Earn up to $45 per Survey
  2. Swagbucks: $5 Sign-up Bonus
  3. InboxDollars: $5 Sign-up Bonus
  4. Bank Account Bonuses: Up to $350 for opening a new account
  5. Credit Karma: Find Unclaimed Money
  6. Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses Up to $1000+ for using your new card
  7. Student Loan Refinance: Up to $400 Bonus
  8. Ibotta: $10 Sign-up Bonus
  9. Paribus: Get money back on purchases
  10. Drop: Save money, redeem for cash.
  11. Rakuten: $10 Sign-up Bonus
  12. Stash: $5 Sign-up Bonus
  13. Dosh: $5 Sign-up Bonus
  14. Acorns: $5 Sign-up Bonus
  15. Seated: $10 Sign-up Bonus
  16. Small Business Knowledge Center: Earn free money from your junk mail
  17. Viggle: Free money watching videos
  18. NetSpend: $20 for loading a prepaid card

1. Survey Junkie: Get Paid To Share Your Opinion

Survey Junkie is the best site to make money for sharing your opinion on brands. You can earn up to $45/survey in just 20 mins (though most pay between $0.50 and $3). Check it out, it’s free.

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2. Swagbucks: earn money by switching your search engine

Swagbucks is one of the original ways to earn free money online. Simply use the SwagBucks search engine instead of Google, and you’ll earn points for each search. You can also earn points by watching videos and completing surveys.

First-time users are eligible for a $5 bonus just for signing up!

Once you have enough SwagBucks points saved up, you can redeem for cash back via PayPal, or for eGiftcards for Walmart, Amazon, iTunes, and other major retailers.

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3. InboxDollars: $5 just for signing up! Free Money

InboxDollars is an online portal for earning free money. On the site, you can complete surveys, watch videos, read promo emails, and shop through their online shopping portal to earn cash back—basically, it’s easy money for completing rudimentary tasks.

When you sign up for InboxDollars, you’ll receive a $5 bonus. The site has paid out over $57 million dollars so far, making it one of the most reputable places to earn free money on the ‘net!

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4. Open a New Bank Account: $350+ for new accounts

There are a ton of banks out there, and you can bet that there’s a ton of competition in the marketplace. So to win over new customers, many banks have started offering free money to new customers!

There are a ton of these on the market—and many of them vary state by state—so check your local banks for options. But in the meantime, here are a few bank account bonuses that are offered nationwide, my favorite is Chase Bank:

  • Chase: up to $350 for opening a new checking and savings account

Learn more about Chase bank promotions.

5. Credit Karma: search for owed money

Last year, Credit Karma opened an unclaimed money search portal. Just enter your details, and the service will automatically check and see if you’re owed money from financial institutions, utility companies, dividends, or other vendors.

These funds are generally held by the state until you claim them, so make sure you claim what’s yours!

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6. Rewards Credit Card: $200+ by moving your purchases to a new card

Credit card rewards have been booming in past years. Not only can you earn points and cash back on every purchase you make, but you can also earn a nice sign-up bonus just for signing up for a credit card and spending a certain amount of money.

Some credit cards award these sign-up bonuses in the form of points, and others in cash back. Oftentimes, credit card points can be redeemed for a variety of things: travel, rewards, merchandise, and of course cash back.

One of the best credit card offers for free money is:

Learn More: Read our full review on the Best Credit Cards Signup Bonuses.

7. Refinance Student Loans

Refinancing your student debt could save thousands of dollars in interest over the life of your loan. On top of that, Millennial Money readers may get additional cash signup bonuses when refinancing with one of the companies below.

If you have private student loans from a bank, credit union or an online lender, you’re probably a good candidate for refinancing.

The best times to refinance are when interest rates have fallen a half point or more below the rate you’re currently paying, or when you’d like to combine multiple student loans into one payment.

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8. Ibotta: $10 for signing up, more for scanning receipts

Ibotta is a cash back app that pays you to scan your receipts. Just pop open the app before you go shopping and add the products you think you’ll buy. Then—after your trip to the store—scan your receipts and you’ll earn cash back!

When you sign up for an Ibotta account, you will receive a $10 sign-up bonus after your first shopping trip. You can cash-out your earnings on Venmo or PayPal, or redeem for a store gift card. Ibotta has Uber, Sephora, and tons of other gift card options, so treat yourself!

Learn More: Ibotta Review

9. Paribus: Pays you what you are owed

With Paribus, you can effortlessly save money on your online purchases when prices drop at 25+ major retailers!

Sign up for a free account and let Paribus monitor your inbox for online shopping receipts.

If a price drops after you made your purchase, then you will get the difference. Free money! Paribus works hard to put money back in your wallet. You might sometimes need to fill out a form or make a phone call.

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10. Drop App

Drop is an awesome new cashback app for credit and debit card users. Just add your card to the app and select your top five favorite vendors. Then whenever you shop at said vendors, you’ll earn points based on the amount of money spent. These points can be used for gift cards or used to enter sweepstakes.

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11. Rakuten (formerly Ebates): $10 for signing up, more as you shop online

Rakuten (formerly ebates)  is an online shopping portal that you can use to earn cashback on all of your online purchases. Before your next online purchase, go to Rakuten first, find your retailer, and shop as usual. Then you’ll earn a set amount of cash back on your purchases—usually between 2% and 10%.

When you sign up for a new Rakuten account, you’ll earn a $10 cash back bonus after your first purchase of $25 or more. Then, you can request payment via PayPal or check. Nice.

Learn More: Rakuten Review

12. Stash: $5, and you’ll save for the future

Want to start investing but don’t know what stocks, mutual funds, and other investments to buy? No sweat: just give Stash a shot. This automated investing platform invests your money for you based on how comfortable you are incurring risk. This takes the legwork out of investing and prepares you for the future.

Sign-up for Stash and link a debit card and the platform will drop an extra $5 into your new account. Creating an account takes just a few minutes, making this the quickest five bucks you’ll earn all week.

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13. Dosh: $5 for signing up, more for shopping at supported retailers

Dosh is a new cash back app. Just link your credit or debit card and shop at as supported retailer, and you’ll earn anywhere between 2% and 5% cash back on each transaction.

Some supported retailers include Mobil, CVS, Mattress Firm, and tons of local coffee shops, so it won’t be hard to earn cash back at the places you already shop. The app will jumpstart your savings and give you a $5 bonus when you sign-up and link a new credit card—don’t miss out!

14. Acorns: $5 for investing your spare change

Acorns is an automated investing service that tracks your credit and debit card purchases and rounds them up to the nearest dollar. It takes your “spare change” and invests it across a number of stocks, bonds, and other investments.

Sounds awesome, right? It is, and to make matters even better, Acorns will add $5 to your investment account for signing up and linking a funding source. This $5 will be invested too, so it will grow with the market!

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15. Seated: $10 free for signing up, more as you eat

Seated is an up-and-coming restaurant booking app that—unlike its competitors—pays you to eat out. Just make a restaurant reservation on their app and link your credit card. Then, after you dine, you’ll be rewarded with an Amazon, Starbucks, or Lyft gift card. The gift card amount varies based on how much you spend, but is generally $7 or more!

Better yet, new users that sign-up for Seated will be rewarded with a bonus $10 Lyft gift card after their first dine. Do note that you need to be referred to the app to get the bonus, so use our link to sign up!

16. Small Business Knowledge Center: get paid for your junk mail

Here’s a fun one: Small Business Knowledge Center—or, the SMKC—will pay for you to forward them your physical junk mail and spam emails. Mail is collected for research purposes, and all postage is prepaid. And don’t worry: SMKC ensures that your personal info is kept confidential.

According to their website, you can expect to earn $20 every 6-10 weeks—pretty awesome considering there’s little-to-no effort on your part. The website also notes that small business owners will earn even more quickly.

17. Viggle: make even more money watching videos

Viggle is another video platform that pays you to watch ad-sponsored videos on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll earn points for each video watched, and you can cash out points for gift cards and other rewards.

You can use the Viggle LIVE feature to earn points while you watch live TV too. The app will occasionally ask questions or give you quizzes as you watch, and you’ll earn points for each question you get correct.

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18. NetSpend: $20 for loading a prepaid card

NetSpend is a prepaid debit card that can be loaded via direct deposit, or using cash at participating retailers. But they have a little-known perk: you can actually use NetSpend to earn free money!

Find a friend that already has a NetSpend card and use their referral code to sign-up for a new NetSpend account. Once your card comes in the mail, simply load $40 or more, and both you and your friend will be treated to a $20 bonus on your NetSpend account.

Don’t have a friend with a NetSpend account? Use our link!

Even better? You can refer friends using your unique referral link, and you’ll earn $20 every time a friend signs up and adds $40 to their NetSpend card (and earns their own $20 bonus). It’s as simple as that—and hey, sharing is caring!

Now, enjoy your hard-earned free money!

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And there you have it, 19 ways to earn free money from the comfort of your desk. As you can see, many of these apps will pay you just for signing up, making them perfect for when you need a quick buck.

Have a favorite way to earn free money? We want to hear from you—drop us a comment below!

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