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Have you ever sold or bought anything at a consignment shop? No? Well, then, get ready – because this post is about to change your life.

Consignment shops are the way to go for a money-savvy, planet-friendly consumer.

Not only because they are the best place to find a bargain, but also because they are an excellent way to make more money by selling items that you no longer use: clothes, toys, furniture, equipment – and much, much more.

If you’re thinking, “That sounds awesome, butwhere do I find the best consignment shops near me?”, don’t worry – you’ll find out in a moment.

Best Consignment Shops for 2022: Online & Near Me

best consignment shopsI’m about to share with you a comprehensive list of the ultimate furniture and clothing consignment shops so that you can find a gem you love, easily make some money – or both.

Why Sell at Consignment Shops?

Consignment stores are such a great way to sell your clothes online, furniture, children’s toys, and anything else you no longer want or need.

You can declutter your home while simultaneously turning your stuff into cash – and what could be better than that?

So, if your drawers are heavy with clothes you no longer wear (or if you have a child that grows out of clothes faster than you can say “shopping”)  – you may want to consider selling it all to consignment stores in your area.

Similarly, if you have a couch or a table you no longer need, selling it at a consignment shop is one of the most convenient ways to get rid of it.

Although, if you need more ideas on where you could sell used furniture, check out my post 21 Best Places to Sell Used Furniture (& Make Money Fast!).

Shopping at Consignment Stores

Clothes are one of the main things on our expenses list. Did you know that an average family in the U.S. spends $1,800 on clothing per year?

Consignment stores are an excellent option for a money-savvy shopper. You can refresh your wardrobe in a financially-smart way – by spending less! And not only do you spend less, but fewer clothes will end up tossed (which is excellent news because America is in a “Ready-to-Waste clothing crisis”).

This is particularly relevant if you have children – kids grow out of clothes in a blink of an eye! Buying new clothes for children can be so expensive – but at consignment shops, you could find quality brands for a fraction of a cost.

So, what are the ultimate best consignment shops? Let’s find out.

Top 20 Online Consignment Shops & Apps

There are many online consignment shops where you can quickly sell or buy stuff – and here’s a list of the best.

1. LetGo

LetGo is a good place to start if you want to sell and make money from various items you’re no longer using – from electronics to clothing.

All you need to do is snap photos of the items you want to sell, then start a chat with potential buyers.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is an excellent site for selling or buying clothes. As you may have already guessed, it’s designed for luxury fashion lovers!

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3. OfferUp

On OfferUp, you can sell all sorts of stuff. Listing items is free and can be done in seconds.

You can also chat with potential buyers on the app – and agree to either meet in-person or ship the item to them and get paid via the app.

4. Trove

Got a bookcase you no longer need? Looking to get a new (used) one? Trove might be a good place to start.

They sell and buy used furniture and other home décor items online (and you can do it easily via their app).

5. Mercari

Mercari is an online consignment shop where you can sell various things – from unwanted clothes to electric guitars.

Listings can be easily shared on social media – and the app allows you to track your sales.

6. Carousell

Carousell is a platform that allows users to sell electronics, fashion, and even properties!

You can connect with potential buyers through the website, and then agree on the price and delivery method most suitable for both parties.

7. Vinted

If you’re looking to declutter your closed, Vinted is another excellent place to sell used clothing and accessories.

On this community marketplace, you can sell both women’s and men’s clothing.

8. Chairish

Do you have vintage furniture you no longer need? Chairish is an online consignment store that can help you make money out of it. And it isn’t just furniture – you can also sell décor and art.

9. Tradesy

Tradesy is all about luxury. It’s a place to sell and buy luxury and designer clothing and accessories.

So if you have a designer handbag or a pair of shoes you would like to make money from – Tradesy is the platform to use.

10. Depop

Depop combines elements of online marketplaces and social media – and is very visual. You can sell anything you like on there – from used vintage fashion to art and records.

11. thredUP

You can buy and sell quality used clothing on thredUP – or purchase items for up to 90% off if you’re looking for a bargain!

12. The RealReal

TheRealReal is where you can pick up designer pieces – or sell them if you’re looking to declutter your wardrobe.

13. Rebag

Rebag is an excellent place to sell gently used designer bags – or buy one at a lower price.

14. Re-SEE

Shop and sell fashion at Re-SEE. You can sell bags, clothes, and even find sustainable fashion on there.

15. Vestiaire Collective

If you’re looking to sell or buy high-end brands, Vestiaire Collective is the place.

16. eBay

And, of course, eBay deserves mention, too – since it is one of the most popular platforms to sell and buy pretty much anything you can think of!

17. LePrix

LePrix is where you can sell designer fashion, and is a little similar to Tradesy.

Sell handbags, jewelry, shoes…as long as it’s made by a designer.

18. Boxes

Boxes is a website and app which allows you to buy and sell items online – and has a similar interface to Instagram.

19. Dealo

Dealo is another app which you can use to sell items locally.

20. Worthy

If you’re looking to sell jewelry online, Worthy can help. It’s an online auction that enables you to sell your jewelry quickly and safely.

You can sell anything from earrings with precious metals, to luxury watches, or even sell an old engagement ring.

Learn more about selling your jewelry with

11 Best National Consignment Shops (Brick & Mortar)

If you prefer to buy and sell your items in person – here’s a list of the best brick and mortar consignment shops. Chances are, one or more of these shops will have a location near you.

1. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange is a physical consignment store, where you can shop or sell your used clothes.

Selling clothes is easy – you can either mail them to Buffalo Exchange or pop into the store with your items.

2. Plato’s Closet

If you’re looking for a place to sell teen clothes, it’s worth checking out Plato’s Closet.

It is one of the most well-known national retail stores. To sell, find your nearest store and bring in your gently used clothing and accessories.

The team will review and create an offer based on their condition and brand.

3. The Wasteland

If you’re looking to sell your used clothes and live in California, The Wasteland might be a good option.

There are stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica – and all you have to do is pop into the store with the items you’re looking to sell.

4. Crossroads Trading

Another great consignment shop to pop into is Crossroads Trading. They have plenty of shops across the U.S.

However, you don’t have to sell your clothes in-store – you can just mail them.

5. Once Upon a Child

At Once Upon a Child, you can pick up (or sell) children’s furniture, shoes, toys, clothes, and costumes.

You’ll receive payment on the spot if you decide to sell your items. So, if you have clothing your kids no longer fit into, you could sell them – and pick up some new ones in-store.

6. Music Go Round

Looking for a place to sell or buy your used music gear? Music Go Round is it!

Here you can sell anything from drums and amps to guitars and keyboards.

7. Style Encore

Style Encore is an excellent place to pick up a bargain – you can get items for up to 90% off regular retail price.

You could also sell your used clothes, but bear in mind they prefer clothes that are nearly-new or gently-used (perhaps an excellent way to get rid of unwanted presents you never wore?).

8. Play It Again Sports

Is fitness equipment you no longer use taking up valuable space at home? Sell it on Play it Again Sports.

You can also find some quality sports goods here at a low price – or trade your sports and fitness equipment if you don’t want to spend anything.

9. Guitar Center

Another awesome consignment shop for musical instruments is Guitar Center.

Not only can you buy affordable music instruments and gear, but you can also sell them at more than 250 Guitar Center locations!

10. Awoke Vintage

Love vintage clothing at a reasonable price? Then you should probably check out Awoke Vintage, located in the heart of NY, Brooklyn.

You can buy or sell vintage clothes here (and if you can’t visit the store in Brooklyn, shopping is easy to do on their Instagram page).

11. Beacon’s Closet

Another great consignment store located in New York is Beacon’s Closet.

If you have trendy clothing items you no longer need – or want to replace them with even trendier ones, check it out. You’ll get 35% cash of the things you sell, or 55% store credit.

Finding Your Local Consignment Stores

If you would like to find out what’s available near your home, do a quick internet search for “furniture consignment shops near me” or “clothing consignment shops near me.”

Same applies to any other types of consignment stores (jewelry or musical instruments, for example). You’ll be able to see what’s available in your area.

Selling at Consignment Shops is a No Brainer!

Consignment shops provide such a great shopping option for those looking to make some money, find affordable clothing – or even just make some room in their wardrobes.

Whether you prefer visiting a store in-person or want to empty your wardrobe without leaving the house – there are consignment shops to meet everyone’s needs.

And now – want more ideas on how to make money fast? Check out our post How to Sell Used DVDs (& Make Money Quickly) and How to Get Free Money Now.

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