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Welcome to The Best in Money from Millennial Money curated by Grant from Millennial Money and Drew from Guy on FIRE. We all know how Monday mornings are, so we are going to start dropping the best articles (and podcasts and videos) that we find about making money, saving money, side hustling, house hacking, real estate investing, money tools, financial independence, and money success stories to help you get your week started off right. It’s never been easier in history to make money and live life on your own terms. We’re here to share how others are making it happen so you can too.

There are so many new money articles being released each week that we want to be your one-stop destination on Monday morning for the best of the best. But since we are only two people and can only read so many articles we need your help to curate The Best in Money.

We want to make sure the best money tips and stories get seen – which means more traffic for you and anyone featured. We also have an email list of almost 30,000 people this will be distributed to, which include a bunch of top finance writers in the media. Who knows they might even see your story here and reach out – that’s the point. We really do want this to be The Best in Money.

Have an amazing post from the past week, month, or even year? Or read an amazing article that everyone just has to see. Then submit the post it be featured in The Best in Money. We will review every submission and schedule them into the future – so we will be cataloguing all the posts (so even if you don’t get featured the first week, don’t worry you still have the opportunity in a future release or in a special edition that we will be dropping occasionally on a specific topic.


Now let’s get to it.

The Best in Money – January 29, 2018

1.$200k at 27 from Gwen who runs Fiery Millennials

Gwen is an ambitious and spunky millennial. She is also one of the most energetic people I’ve met. Gwen is killing the financial independence and early retirement game. Her net worth just passed $200k and she is only 27. Gwen co-hosts The Fire Drill Podcast, invests in real estate and side hustles. Even more impressively, Gwen does all of this while holding down a career in IT. Check out her story on how she saved and invested her way to a net worth over $200k.

2. The Complete Guide to Real Estate Investing from Rich who blogs as RichonMoney

As a fellow real estate investor, I’ve been reading Rich’s blog for the past year and actually had the pleasure of meeting Rich at FinCon. He’s an amazing guy – great to talk with, funny, and genuine. On top of all of that, he has built his real estate empire while being an active member of the military member for 18 years. Rich – thank you for your service. In this extremely detailed post, Rich shares 18 years of experience, wisdom, and success in real estate. I am not sure what is more impressive – the fact that Rich has built his real estate empire while spending a majority of his time oversees serving his country or that he has no debt and owns 21 properties.

3. Dude, Just Effing Do It by Chris from ApathyEnds aka Mr. AE

Chris runs an awesome blog and has an entertaining writing style. Mr. AE and his wife are 30 and 28, respectively. This ambitious couple has big plans of early retirement and financial independence. Mr. and Mrs. AE were able to pay off over $60,000 in debt while saving a $90,000 nest egg in three years. It’s safe to say that Chris knows how to crush debt and build wealth. In this post, he shares some very interesting thoughts on the cost of procrastination and why you need to take action now.

4. Make Your Own Free Mobile Expense Tracking App in 30 Minutes from Waffles on Wednesday aka The Waffles aka Mr. and Mrs. WOW

I had the opportunity to meet the WOWs last year. Mr. and Mrs. WOW are one of the most fun, loving, and awesome couples I have ever met. They are full of life and energy. While they are crushing life and working towards financial independence, they still find time to enjoy life and have a leisurely meal of waffles on Wednesday (hence the name of their site). When they are not blogging – you can probably find the WOWs biking, enjoying a local brewery or hoping on a plane. This post really stuck out to me. Mr. WOW shares his secret to creating your very own mobile expense tracking app. The guide is easy to follow and very helpful. I track all my rental property expenses using this method. Highly recommend checking out this awesome money tool.

5. The Shockingly Simple Strategy That Tripled My Savings Rate from David at Zero Day Finance

For years David’s spending habits were out of control He spent every penny he made. This is no way to live or build wealth. David realized this and sought out change. Last year, he decided to track his spending for the entire year. He also challenged himself to have as many ‘Zero Days’ as possible. This strategy allowed him to triple the amount of money he saves. His post shares great strategies to save money. He also discusses the psychology and emotional aspects of spending and saving. Definitely worth reading.

6. The Underrated Value of A Side Hustle For Early Retirement from Kevin at Financial Panther

Kevin is an attorney but is best known for his knowledge on the sharing economy. He is one of the leading experts on side hustles and has done it all – AirBnb, dog sitting, and deliver for UberEats are just a few examples. Kevin publishes monthly side hustle reports showing how much each side hustle earns. His post on the value of side hustles blew my mind. I will never think of side hustles the same way again. In fact, it makes me want to have more side hustles. Definitely worth the read.

Thanks for checking out The Best in Money series. We are planning to expand it over the next month to include more types of content as week. Let us know if there is anything you think we can do to improve it.

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  • Comment Author image blank Ms99to1percent says:

    Good idea!!! I’m going to be looking forward to Mondays now, Mondays are the new Fridays!!! 🙂

    Just submitted my article. Thanks for this great opportunity.

  • Comment Author image blank DNN says:

    Thank you for keeping us inspired Grant on side hustles and taking entrepreneurship to the next level from employee to entrepreneur. 🙂

  • Comment Author image blank Rich on Money says:

    Thanks for including me! I’m seeing quite a bit of traffic from this. I appreciate the kind words. Guy on Fire is doing some amazing stuff with Real Estate as well.

  • Comment Author image blank Mrs. Picky Pincher says:

    Great idea! I really, really liked this post from the Luxe Strategist on living well on less money:

    That’s my entire approach to the frugal/FIRe journey. It’s about spending money only where it matters, and finding ways to substitute to save more.

  • Comment Author image blank Caroline says:

    Great idea!

  • Comment Author image blank Sean @ Frugal Money Man says:

    Thank you for providing this “Best in Money (Mondays)!!!” I am not quite sure why, but I have always been most excited to read about personal finance on Monday’s. Its probably because I don’t read as much on the weekends and focus more of my time on Mrs. FMM, so this service you are providing comes at the perfect time!

    Also big thanks to sharing “The Complete Guide to Real Estate Investing.” This is going to be the next field that we (fiancée and I) began to put our $$$ in.

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