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Blackout Bingo is a legit cash game that’s enjoyed by thousands of players every day. There’s a reason Blackout Bingo is trending hot in the app store these days. The smooth around-the-world graphics, multiple ways to score points and excitement of playing for real cash all create a great player experience. You don’t have to wager lots of money (or any money) to play for small cash pots or tickets that can be redeemed for great prizes.


  • Free practice rounds
  • Classic fun of Bingo
  • Prize pots up to $425
  • Free games and low entry fee games


  • Not available in all 50 states
  • Not feasible to win prizes through free gameplay
  • Not available in Google Play

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at Blackout Bingo

Blackout Bingo is a crazy fun app game that pays you cash for playing Bingo on your smartphone. It’s a fun twist on the classic game but requires way more speed and strategy.

Beat your opponent(s) by winning the most points. Score by getting Bingo(s), a coverall, or deploying special boosters and extra bonuses for speed and accuracy.

Playing cash app games is a great way to make money from your phone.

There are thousands of legit game apps that pay real cash and gift cards, and many multi-activity reward apps, like Kashkick or Mistplay, that offer cash rewards for trying new games.

What is Blackout Bingo?

  • Apple iOS: 4.5 /
  • Galaxy Store: 4.5

Blackout Bingo is a popular, free cash app game that’s rooted in old-school Bingo parlor fun. The Bingo app boasts over 5 million players and top marks in iTunes and Galaxy Store (average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars).

Formerly called Blackout Blitz, Blackout Bingo has been around since 2019 when it was created by Big Run Studios, Inc. in Oakland, Calif. Big Run focuses on creating fun, mobile app games that present users with a way to earn cash and popular, real-world prizes. Other well-known Big Run Studios games include:

  • Farm Sweeper
  • Big Hearts
  • Word Star
  • Big Run Solitaire

Blackout Bingo is run on the Skillz platform. To save your progress or claim rewards, you will need to create a free Skillz account in the app. This takes about 20 seconds.

Playing Bingo Online as a form of online gambling, is not available to residents of Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, or Tennessee.

Getting Started with Blackout Bingo

After installing Blackout Bingo and creating your free Skillz account, you’re all set to start playing and winning free and cash Bingo games.

  • Practice rounds (head-to-head style).
  • Head-to-head cash games, including high-stakes tables.
  • Multiplayer

Each type of game has entry fee requirements.

  • Practice games require “z coins” — Blackout Bingo’s in-app virtual currency.
  • Cash games require a cash entry fee.

Practice games are longer. They’re 2 minutes in length, largely due to the game’s more relaxed pace. Numbers are called more slowly. The entry fee is 3 z coins and the winner is awarded 5 z coins and 1 Skillz ticket.

I won a handful of $3 prizes in head-to-head Blackout Bingo games. With an entry fee of $1.80, I made $1.20 for each win.

blackout bingo prize screen

I also won a few $5 match-ups, too.

blackout bingo $5 prize screen

Cash games are faster-paced. They’re 1 minute 30 seconds in length, but if you win time boosters you can prolong your game by additional 10-second increments. You can wager anywhere from $1 to $260 to win a pot worth $3 to $425.

blackout bingo speed boost

Blackout Bingo is all about speed. The faster you daub, the more boosts you’ll get during the game. Boosts help you make more Bingos and earn more points in your bid for victory. I didn’t manage to cover my full card in any of the rounds I played, but I came close in one match!

If you win at Blackout Bingo, you’ll see a roughly 65% return on your wager (i.e., bet $260 to try for a $425 prize or bet $0.60 to try for $1). In addition to the cash prize, you’ll also win Skillz tickets.

Is Blackout Bingo Legit?

Yes, Blackout Bingo is very legit. This skill-based Bingo game has over 88k ratings in iTunes with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Here’s what some of the players have to say.

Playing with real money keeps it interesting and the fact that you can play with no money as well makes it easier on beginners like myself...I’ve won a few hundred already and have a check coming in the mail for my winnings I cashed out.


Fun, addictive, challenging. I do enjoy playing this challenging bingo game. I like that the help center is responsive...I still play everyday ‘cause heck it’s fun.

I myself recently played Blackout Bingo to see how difficult it was to win any money at the game.

For depositing $12, I got $20 in wager money. I played a handful of practice rounds, and then a dozen cash games (head-to-head) with prize pots ranging from $1 to $5.

Within a half hour, I reached $26 in earnings — a decent return while watching TV. I did lose a handful of games along the way, but overall I won more than I lost. I deliberately steered clear of higher stake games.

While it’s unclear if you can consistently come out ahead by $6 every time you sit down to play, nearly 87,000 other players do rate the game very highly in the Apple store.

How To Earn Money With Blackout Bingo

Sign Up

It’s easy to sign up. Install the free Blackout Bingo game on your Android or iOS device. You’ll be assigned a random login name and avatar, or you can pick your player name and upload a picture.

When I signed up for Blackout Bingo, I didn’t upload a picture or choose a name. I went with the default selections and the process took about 10 seconds.

blackout bingo sign up screen

You may need to confirm your email address or a code sent to you via SMS. This is just to make sure you are who you say you are and to keep any of your earnings safe.

Play Warm-Up Games

Play some warm-up games. There’s an entry fee of 3 z coins to play a practice match and the winner will earn 5 z coins and 1 “ticketz.” Ticketz are virtual prize tickets you accrue for winning matches — both paid and unpaid games. They can be redeemed for real-world rewards in the prize store.

To start with, you won’t have any ticketz but you will get 26 free z coins right away. You’ll be guided through a very brief tutorial on “How to Play” in a short, free match.

As you daub numbers in Blackout Bingo, you can earn free boosts like extra time or stars that you can use to mark off any square. Bingo types include across, down, diagonal or four corners – with the ultimate goal being to blackout your entire board.

getting started playing

Then you can warm up further with practice games.

Practice games are a fun way to learn how the Blackout Bingo game works: how to daub quickly, use power-ups and improve your overall skill.

Play Cash Games

When you’re ready, play cash games.

  1. Make your first deposit. Blackout Bingo recommends you choose a starting deposit amount of $10, $20, $30, or $50. There is also a new player bonus: deposit $12 and get $8 in bonus cash. This means for $12, you get $20 in cash to play cash games with.
  2. Play a “Head to Head” cash game for a $1, $3 or $5 prize. You’ll need to wager $0.60, $1.80, or $3 for a shot at this reward. You’ll also earn 50 to 250 ticketz for winning the match.
  3. Stay sharp! Focus hard for 90 seconds, the duration of the match. With time boosts, you could add an extra 10 seconds or more to extend your playtime. This is a good thing: it means you’ll get more numbers called and a shot at more Bingos and bonus points.

To start, I deposited $12 and got an $8 bonus cash. This means for just $12, I had $20 in cash for paid Bingo games. I used Apple Pay to fund my deposit.

wager money on blackout bingo

It’s that simple to earn extra cash (or lose it) with Blackout Bingo.

On the “Play” dashboard, you can choose the head-to-head or bracket game you want to play in Bingo Blackout. “Relax” or practice games are available just below the highest paying game card option.

play dashboard

As you win more matches and your skill level improves, you’ll unlock higher-paying cash games:

  • $10 Expert card
  • $20 Challenger card
  • $30 Sightseeing in India card
  • $50 Conqueror card
  • $75 Sightseeing in India card
  • $100 Ultimate card
  • $175 Sightseeing in India card
  • $200 Epic card
  • $425 Legendary card
  • $8 Blackout Court card

The Blackout Court is a bracket-style game for 4 players. It requires a $3 entry fee. All other games in the list are head-to-head style play.

Make Deposits

There is always some sort of deposit bonus for adding extra money to your account. At the time of this article’s publication, there were 2 promotions going:

  • Deposit $10 and earn a $10 bonus cash.
  • Deposit $30 and earn a $10 bonus cash.

You can also enter a promo code in the deposit section. Use promo codes to earn a cash bonus with your deposit. Look for promo codes on its Blackout Bingo Facebook page.

Daily Login Bonuses

Take advantage of the free daily login bonuses.

  • Unlock free ticketz every 12 hours.
  • Unlock free z coins every 2 hours.

Read the Blog Posts

By blog posts, we mean reading the posts that Blackout Bingo shares on the Facebook page. It’s an extremely active and supportive community for players and side hustle enthusiasts.

You’ll find excellent, insider tips to help you have fun and be successful in your quest to win cash prizes.

  • Tips about how to collect the Bingo booster bonuses.
  • Tips about how and when to deploy the boosters.
  • Videos of strategic gameplay in action. (You’ll think, “Woah! I didn’t know you could do that.”)
  • Updates about limited-time cash bonuses, tournaments, prize increases, or promo codes.

Refer Friends

Invite friends to play with you and earn free referral bonuses. When they use your bonus code and make their first game deposit, you’ll both get free bonus cash.

Other review articles have reported that a total of $40 will be rewarded: you’ll get $20 and your friend will get $20. That could be an outright error or a reference to a previous promotion because when I tried Blackout Bingo, I saw a $1 bonus being offered for referrals.

refer friends to blackout bingo

Find your referral code on the page where you load additional funds to your account. You’ll see a light pink button labeled “Get Bonus Cash Invite Friends.”

referral code

Earning Potential

According to some reviews in the iTunes store, it is possible to earn $1,000 a month playing Blackout Bingo.

Rainking76 notes,

This is a skill game that requires you to move fast and use everything to get the max out of it. You wanna cash out 1,000 bucks a month it’s very doable but it’s not just gonna happen magically.

The reviewer cautions it takes time and patience to develop the proficiency needed to regularly win at Blackout Bingo, as you’re playing against skilled players around the globe who’ve been playing at the highest level for several months or even years.

Many reviewers note that new players will lose more than they win when starting, so it’s best to play as many free practice games as possible and take in all the videos and tips on the Blackout Bingo community page on Facebook.

Based on my limited experience testing the game, Blackout Bingo does pay but you’ll likely only win modest amounts—like $3 to $10 per day—with a lot of skill, patience, and restraint.

With each new type of Bingo game (different potential rewards), you’ll start off playing newer, lesser-skilled players. It may be easy to win your first match or two, but after that, you may start losing. The more games you win, the higher your skill level will be rated. The higher your skill level the tougher the opponents you’ll face.

How to Cash Out

You can withdraw your earnings (cash balance) at any time; there is no minimum required. For withdrawals under $10, there is a $1.50 payment processing fee.

cashing out

Including the time needed to quickly verify my email address, it took about 45 seconds to cash out my rewards.

Your redemption will be awarded to you using the same method used to fund your account. If you used PayPal, for example, your winnings will be credited to your PayPal account.
If you withdraw any amount over your initial deposit, those funds will be mailed to you by check and it can take up to 3 weeks to receive those funds.

Reward Options

Cash Rewards

Withdraw your cash earnings at any time, with winnings being processed with the same method you used to deposit funds to your Blackout Bingo account.

If you used Cash App to fund your account, when you cash out your winnings will be deposited to your Cash App wallet. Other common methods include Visa credit card, debit card, or Apple Wallet.

Skillz Ticket Rewards

Redeem your Skillz ticketz (from 1 to 23,700 Skillz tickets for each match you win) for exciting prizes.

  • Tap your Skillz ticket balance in the upper left of your dashboard.
  • Look over the available prizes in the Skillz Rewards catalog.
  • Select your reward.

Apart from Skillz stickers (which are only 1K tickets), you’ll need at least 360K to have enough ticketz for any prize. For 360K to 720K in ticketz, you can choose from several Skillz branded swag like hoodies, tanks, water bottles, or sunglasses.

For 2 million to 3 billion ticketz, there’s a range of mind-blowing options which include:

  • $20,000 shopping spree to Bloomingdale’s
  • Porsche Carrera
  • BMW 840i convertible
  • Santos de Cartier watch
  • Glamping yurt
  • Gucci poker set
  • LG washer and dryer set
  • Yeti Cooler Haul

Pros and Cons of Blackout Bingo


  • 100% legitimate way to earn money. Blackout Bingo is no scam. Plenty of players have earned real money playing virtual Bingo cards in this game app, including yours truly.
  • No annoying videos or ads. Most mobile games are littered with annoying video ads and banner ad takeovers. You won’t have to deal with any of them here.
  • Generous cash bonuses when you make a deposit.
  • Generous referral program for inviting friends.
  • Free game options (practice matches) that anyone can play.
  • Gameplay is intuitive and straightforward.
  • Earn free bonus ticketz every 2 hours.
  • Brought to you by Big Run Studios Inc, a trusted and reputable game maker.
  • Works on Android and Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, or tablet.
  • Beautiful, relaxing graphics like sunsets in Hawaii, make for an enjoyable experience.
  • Addictive fun — although some may see this as a con.


  • No detailed instructions on how to play. You get a bare-bones overview. (Playing lots of practice matches and visiting the Blackout Bingo community page on Facebook can help you with strategy, tips, and more detailed nuances.)
  • You can’t win any money unless you wager money. It could take years of playing and winning practice games to earn enough ticketz for an actual prize.
  • Unclear if you can win an Amazon gift card. Several Blackout Bingo reviews claim Amazon is a prize offering. However, after installing and playing this game, and carefully reviewing the prize library, I do not see Amazon gift cards
  • Lots of inaccurate information floating around. Underlining the last point, there is a lot of inaccurate information floating around about this game based on other reviews on financial news sites and side hustle This can be confusing to players. Review the app store listings (iTunes or Samsung Galaxy) or details on the Facebook page to make sure you have the most accurate, up-to-date information.
  • Winning can be hard. While initially, you can chalk up some easy wins, your skill level will quickly advance. You’re matched against other players based on skill level, and after you’re no longer a newbie it can get harder. Proficient players who win hundreds of dollars or more each month watch videos, read articles, and play lots of practice games to gain a competitive edge.

Is Blackout Bingo Available in the Google Play Store?

No, but this is a commonly reported error. You’ll find no listing of Blackout Bingo anywhere in the Google Play Store, although I have found review after review claiming Blackout Bingo is available in Google including reviews seen on Finance Buzz, GoBankingRates, and Joy Wallet.

Finance Buzz, for example, notes that Blackout Bingo is a “legit app that can be found in the App Store or Google Play…In this case, Blackout Bingo has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating with over 88k ratings and reviews. It’s the No. 3 Casino app in the App Store.”

Our Millennial Money research shows that Blackout Bingo is listed only in iTunes and Samsung Galaxy.

  • In the iTunes Store, Blackout Bingo is ranked number 24 in the “Games” category and has a 4.5 out of star rating based on over 88k reviews.
  • In the Samsung Galaxy Store, Blackout Bingo has a roughly 4.5-star rating based on over 9,800 reviews. There is no category rating.

In the Google Play Store, you can find similarly named Bingo knock-off apps with much lower ratings, fewer reviews, and images that show a different game altogether.

If you search for Blackout Bingo in the Google Play Store, you will see lots of results for other Bingo games or knock-off versions like the ones in the screenshot below. The popular, cash version by Big Run Studios, Inc. is not available though.

blackout bingo is not available in the google play store

Information circulating about Blackout Bingo being highly reviewed in Google Play Store is inaccurate.

While other news and review sites review cash games based on other research (online articles), Millennial Money takes the time to conduct hands-on research.

This includes reviewing app store listing(s), installing the game, playing the game, and wagering actual money.

Why is Blackout Bingo not in Google Play?

It’s unclear why Skillz games are not offered in the Google Play Store, but this may be related to parent company Alphabet and its policy (dating back to May 2021) of not allowing real-money gaming apps.

You can still play Blackout Bingo on your Android phone! Millions of Android users have downloaded and enjoyed Blackout Bingo and similar games of chance. Android users, you can go to download the app directly to your device.

Blackout Bingo Alternatives

If you already have Blackout Bingo and are looking to try some other games, you can check out these other Bingo-themed cash app games.

  • Bingo Cash
  • Bingo Clash
  • Bingo Tour
  • Bingo Go
  • Bingo Paradise
  • Yatzy Bingo
  • Bingo Travel

If Bingo games aren’t your thing, or you’d like a bit more variety, you can make money by playing these other fun cash games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blackout Bingo all about?

Blackout Bingo is a totally fun, totally legit game that pays you cash for winning at Bingo.

Unlike classic Bingo games, you play head-to-head against players from all over the world, wagering $0.60 to $260 per game. The player with the most points wins, taking home a real cash prize ranging from $1 to $425. There are also free games to practice your skill and win free ticketz for real-life prizes.

There are no ads, and there’s no payment required if you just want to stick to the free matches.

Over 5 million players around the world enjoy Blackout Bingo, and it has an average 4.5 (out of 5) star rating in the iTunes store.

Do you win real money on Blackout Bingo?

Yes! Tens of thousands of players win and cash out real money on Blackout Bingo every day. It’s easy to win small pots (of around $1 to $3), but larger pots can get trickier as the competition gets more fierce.

You can cash out your earnings the same way you fund any wagers. If you use PayPal or Cash App to fund your account, then that’s how your prize winnings will be awarded to you.

Has anyone actually won on Blackout Bingo?

Yes! I deposited $12 into my Blackout Bingo account and cleared nearly $21 in earnings for a couple of hours of gameplay.

You can read reviews from tens of thousands of players who have won money playing Blackout Bingo in the app store both on iTunes and Samsung Galaxy. Many players clear significant amounts of money, with some stating they earn around $1K a month.

Additionally, nearly 41,000 dedicated players belong to the Blackout Bingo fan page on Facebook to share tips and updates about promo codes, cash tournaments, and open secrets to help you win real cash.

Should You Play Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is a fun way to play Bingo with no annoying, in-game video ads. You can put up your own money for a chance at cash prizes — small or big — or just play for fun.

Having paid for cash prizes and free matches, I can say that both types of games are equally fun.

If you want to play Blackout Bingo to improve your personal finances, this game could prove disappointing. There’s no guarantee you’ll win. And winning takes a lot of patience, skill, and practice.

Online surveys or another online side hustle may be a far better bet if you need a surer way to bring in cash each month.

But if you enjoy Bingo style games, and the thrill of being able to earn real cash money, then you’ll have a blast playing Blackout Bingo.

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