Weird Ways to Make Money

There’s no shortage of “weird ways to make money”—especially for those eager to make money online and willing to take on some risk.

With the rise of the internet and the gig economy, there are more and more creative and unusual ways to make money.

13 Weird Ways to Make Money

Here are some of the weirdest ways to make money:

  1. Write Online Dating Profiles
  2. Get Paid to Wait in Line
  3. Get Paid to Sleep
  4. Get Paid to Lose Weight
  5. Sell Your Hair
  6. Sell Your Poop
  7. Sell Your Breast Milk
  8. Sell Your Plasma
  9. Be a Professional Eater
  10. Be a Human Guinea Pig
  11. Be a Mystery Shopper
  12. Be a Friend
  13. Be a Cuddle Buddy

1. Write Online Dating Profiles

The online dating industry is booming. Millions of people are swiping and hoping to find the perfect match. That also means there are plenty of people striking out.

It takes work to get a match on a dating profile. You’ve got to craft decent pictures and write an engaging profile. Without the right combination of photos and words, it can be difficult to attract potential dating partners.

This creates an excellent opportunity for people with a sharp eye for detail and a way with words. One weird business idea: help people write online dating profiles and charge a flat rate or per-project fee.

Become a consultant through a site like e-Cyrano, or start your own service and post advertisements online on a site like Fiverr. Who knows? You might be able to scale this into a full-time job and put Cyrano de Bergerac to shame.

2. Get Paid to Wait in Line

I don’t know many people who enjoy waiting in line, but if you are getting paid to do it, that might be a different story.

There are actually people who will hire professional line sitters, who they pay you to wait in line for them.

If you got some free time on your hands and you are in good enough health to wait in long lines, this might just be a great way for you to make some extra cash.

You can promote your skills as a professional line sitter on a site such as TaskRabbit.

3. Get Paid to Sleep

Do you ever just lay there and wish you could get paid to sleep? Turns out, you can! Companies pay people to participate in sleep studies, the ultimate passive income. That means you can get paid just to catch some extra rest, bringing in money while improving your health and wellness.

You can also participate in sleep studies through local clinics to make more money sleeping. Check local message boards and university studies for paid sleep opportunities.

4. Get Paid to Lose Weight

Those who want to lose a few pounds should consider joining a site like HealthyWage, a weight loss site that allows users to set target weight loss goals and bet against themselves.

Suppose you want to lose 10 pounds. You would set a dollar amount that you’re willing to bet and then try your best to reach 10 pounds by the target date. If you lose the weight by then, you get paid. If you don’t, you lose the money. It’s that simple. You can participate in team challenges or go solo.

This is a fun and creative way to make money while also living a healthier lifestyle.

5. Sell Your Hair

If you’re able to grow your hair long, then you have a source of recurring revenue right on top of your head.

Companies are willing to pay money for human hair to make wigs for people in need. So, not only is this a way to make some extra money, but it’s also a great opportunity to help others. One company offering this type of service is HairSellon.

6. Sell Your Poop

What if I told you you’re flushing money down the toilet?  Believe it or not, you can turn around and sell your waste to a fecal bank and help others in the process. How can human waste possibly help? Through the process of fecal microbiota transplants, which are used to treat different illnesses.

You may also be a match to be a fecal transplant donor. Currently, there is high demand for this type of service. As gross as it sounds, it’s a real money-making opportunity.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out a legit site like OpenBiome to get started.

7. Sell Breast Milk

Believe it or not, you can get paid to sell breast milk by the ounce through a site like OnlyTheBreast while helping other mothers feed their children.

Selling breast milk online can be risky. But if you go through a reputable site, stay cautious, and avoid sites and opportunities that seem shady, you can make money and help a person in need.

8. Sell Your Plasma

Donating plasma has other benefits than just making you some extra cash. It can help save lives, you most likely don’t have to schedule an appointment, you can just walk right in, and you can donate on a regular basis, making it consistent extra cash.

Generally, individuals get paid $20 to $50 per donation and can donate typically twice a week. Check out this site to find a plasma donation center near you.

9. Be a Professional Eater

Love food? Who doesn’t? Well, you can actually get paid to eat, and eat a lot! Check out the Major League Eating website where you can eat yourself silly and hopefully win some big cash prizes.

Just remember to practice safety when attempting to eat large amounts of food fast so you don’t hurt yourself or negatively impact your health. There is such a concept as “too much of a good thing”—even with food!

10. Be a Human Guinea Pig

Those willing to put their bodies on the line for cash could make money as human guinea pigs. This essentially involves partnering with research groups, participating in trials and experiments, and getting paid to try a certain study or medicine.

Just make sure to think about what you get involved with ahead of time and avoid putting yourself in harm’s way. Most paid studies are relatively safe, but it always pays to assess risk before doing any kind of experiment or test.

11. Be a Mystery Shopper

Try this: Go to the mall and spend some time sitting on a bench observing other shoppers. Look for people taking notes when visiting retailers or generally acting a bit weird (or… weirder than most). Some of them might be mystery shoppers: people paid to essentially spy on companies for money.

Companies like Secret Shopper pay consumers to act as mystery shoppers and report on quality control and their in-store experiences. Consumers can get paid to interact with store employees, buy products, and take photographs.

Stores use mystery shoppers to get honest feedback from consumers. They want to see how clean their aisles or restrooms are or how friendly store associates are when they aren’t going through an official audit. It’s a more honest way to collect feedback for stores, and it could be a profitable experience for you.

12. Be Someone’s Friend

Another way to cater to the lonely crowd is to be someone’s friend for a few hours. The site RentAFriend, just like it sounds, allows people to rent friends.

Simply create a profile on RentAFriend, and connect with others in need of companionship. You can get paid to visit comedy clubs, go bowling, visit the beach, or just hang out in a coffee shop and lend someone your ear.

13. Be a Cuddle Buddy

Professional cuddlers get paid to lay down with strangers and provide some TLC.  One site that arranges this type of meeting is Cuddle Buddies.

The site will link you with a cuddle buddy, providing a safe and effective way to help people get their fix without any further expectations. Of the weird ways to make money, it’s definitely up there! That’s why we saved it for last. But it could be a fun and rewarding way to help a person out and make some new friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

What weird things can I sell to make money?

There is no shortage of weird things to sell to make money, such as your hair, poop, or plasma just to name a few!

What weird stuff can I sell online?

Oddly enough, you can sell your friendship and your cuddles online to bring in some extra cash!

What should I do with side hustle income?

Side hustle money needs to be carefully tracked and managed. First and foremost, you may get slammed with taxes on the money you bring in, so it’s important to set cash aside to pay the government. Work with a tax advisor to reduce tax liabilities so that you don’t pay more than you legally owe.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to pay off any debt you have (e.g. credit cards, student loans) and then save and invest as much as you can to stretch your money further. The more you can save and invest, the more you can make in the long run.

Are clinical trials safe?

It all depends on the trial you sign up for. If you’re joining a trial that’s testing an experimental medicine, it’s important to be properly compensated for your efforts. Making a few bucks upfront won’t help you much if you get a disease or worse from participating in an experiment.

That said, most trials are quite harmless. Do your research and know what you’re getting into before agreeing to sample any particular product or do an experiment for money.

The Bottom Line

Personal finance decisions are never easy. Sometimes you have to get downright weird to make a living. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The above-mentioned ideas are perfectly legit and there to help you make money when you need it. Consider branching out of your comfort zone and looking for ways to bring in more cash.

If that’s not your cup of tea, remember there are options out there that don’t even require you to leave your home.

In addition to making more money, you may also learn about yourself in the process. And who knows? You may even find yourself with a new line of work you’re passionate about.

Here’s to figuring out more ways to stack cash and secure your financial future, even—no, especially—if it’s weird!

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