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Wikibuy is a popular browser extension and mobile app that helps you get better deals when shopping online. Think of Wikibuy as an online shopping assistant.wikibuy

You can use it to compare prices among various online retailers, find better coupon codes, and even find better deals among the multiple sellers within Amazon, among other things.

A seemingly endless amount of online shopping tools exist. As such, it can be difficult to determine which one to trust with your data and your time.

This post is going to give you a full rundown of what Wikibuy has to offer so you can determine whether or not the service is right for you.

What is Wikibuy?

If you’re into online shopping (who isn’t?), you’re probably aware of how difficult it can be to find a better price among so many different online retailers.

Even within Amazon, there will be many sellers that offer the same product at different prices. What’s more, when you think you’ve found a better price on a particular product, there might be a coupon code you can use to get an even better price.

However, finding the right coupon code often requires an extensive search—which takes up even more of your time.

This is where Wikibuy enters the equation. Once you’ve installed the browser extension, the service automatically compares prices as you shop online.

Let’s say you have an item in your Walmart or Amazon cart. As you continue to shop, Wikibuy will automatically scour the internet in search of a better price for that particular item. It will also search for coupon codes that might apply to your purchase.

According to its website, Wikibuy has helped customers save over $50 million to date. That’s a lot of tacos!

The History of Wikibuy
Wikibuy was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2014. Thanks to the steady rise of online shopping, the company grew rapidly. So rapidly, in fact, that Capital One Bank acquired it in 2018 for an undisclosed amount.

Wikibuy Features

Wikibuy offers several features designed to make your online shopping experience easier.

1. Wikibuy Universal Product Search

One of Wikibuy’s most helpful features is its product search tool. If you’re sitting at home on your computer, you can search for a product right on their website.

To illustrate, imagine you’re in the market for a Yeti Rambler, so you run a quick search. In this example, you can see that Wikibuy has located a better price on eBay by a margin of almost $10. Not bad, your next drink is “on the house”!

Wikibuy isn’t just a tool that helps you get better deals online, either.

For example, if you’re already inside your favorite retail store, you can use the Wikibuy app to scan the barcode of the item you’re interested in. The app will then automatically search for competitive prices at other top retailers. Talk about next-level price comparison—the way you want it.

2. Wikibuy Featured Offers

Wikibuy arranges special discounts on products you can purchase right from their website.

A quick glimpse at their dashboard at the time of this writing shows discounts available for Myprotein, VPN service, and Clarks shoes, among other things.

Who doesn’t want to save a little extra cash?

3. Cashback (“Trending Deals”)

Like similar services from MyPoints or InboxDollars, Wikibuy offers cashback from top retailers. For example, you can get 1% back on purchases made at, 2% from, 9% on purchases at JCPenney, or 4% from Groupon.

What’s more, they have a “Local Offers” section, where you can get 4% or more back from local retailers and restaurants.

You’ll find these deals just under the “Featured Offers” on Wikibuy’s homepage.

4. Wikibuy Coupon Codes

Everyone knows to google “[store name] + promo codo” before checking out online. But what a hassle it is clicking through to the discount sites only to discover that half the promo codes listed don’t work anyway.

Wikibuy takes the hassle out of tracking down coupon codes by automatically searching for them while you shop. What’s more, if another Wikibuy user finds and uses a new code, that code is then automatically made available to the rest of the company’s nearly 4.5 million subscribers.

In other words, you don’t even have to open a new browser tab to find the best code. It’s done for you, automagically.

5. Price Drop Alerts

If you have your sites on a particular product—but don’t need it right away—you can set Wikibuy to alert you when the price of that item drops.

I like this feature because it’s saved me a ton of time and money. I’m guessing you can save a lot of money using this tool, too.

6. Wikibuy Credits

As a Wikibuy subscriber, you’ll automatically accumulate “Wikibuy Credits” as you shop online at your favorite retailers.

Once you’ve built up enough credit in the bank, you can then use those rewards to buy various items (including gift cards).

Wikibuy Pricing

Wikibuy is 100% free to sign up for and use. There are no monthly fees or additional charges.

That said, the company does harvest and sell your data in aggregate to third-party companies. Those companies then use your data to target products to you based on the information they’ve collected.

Getting Started with Wikibuy

The first time you visit Wikibuy’s website, you’ll be prompted to create a free account. You’ll have the option to do so by entering an email and password or by linking data from Google or Facebook.

Next, you’ll be asked to enter your name, email, and location. You can also indicate whether or not you have Amazon Prime (which will help Wikibuy find you better deals).

Once that’s done, your account will be ready. However, you’ll still need to install the Chrome extension on your browser or mobile device. And if you’re a mobile-inclined individual, you can also download the app.

The Wikibuy Chrome Extension has a highest-ever 5-star review in the Google Chrome store, with over 8,000 reviews and 4.4 million users. Wow! I live and breathe this stuff, so I’m honestly surprised to see an extension with this high of a rating.

Wikibuy’s iOS app is far less popular, with only a 2.6-star rating (out of 5) in the App Store. You’ll find similar results in the Google Play Store, where the Wikibuy app has only a 2.4-star rating (out of 5).

Wikibuy Security

Wikibuy is backed by Capital One Bank, which—like all banks—takes security very seriously. It’s important to remember, though, that Wikibuy is simply a browser extension (and, for the most part, Google Chrome is safe to use because it’s backed by Google).

Customer Service and Support

If you’re in need of customer support, you’ll have access to Wikibuy’s self-service support platform. If you aren’t able to find the answers you need on the self-help portal, you can submit a request to customer support, and someone will get back to you.

You can also shoot an email to

Pros and Cons of Wikibuy


  • Easy to use, working behind the scenes while you shop — without any effort on your end
  • It’s 100% free to sign up for and use
  • The browser extension is a breeze to install (and uninstall)
  • The service genuinely saves you time and money


  • Seems to favor eBay as a retailer, which often has longer shipping times than other stores
  • Your data is sold to third parties
  • Wikibuy is currently only available on one web browser: Google Chrome
  • The mobile app could be improved

Wikibuy FAQs

Can Wikibuy Be Trusted?

Yes. Wikibuy is a trustworthy company and service. It’s also backed by a major bank, Capital One. What’s more, Wikibuy has a 4.7-star rating (out of 5) on TrustPilot.

Take my word for it: That’s impressive.

What’s Better, Honey or Wikibuy?

This is a matter of personal preference. Both offer similar services and are free to use. It appears that Wikibuy is a little more established and might offer more features. But I honestly can’t say which one is better.

Since both are free, why not try them both and draw your own conclusion?

What’s the Catch with Wikibuy?

The “catch” with Wikibuy is that the company sells your data in aggregate to third-party companies. This is a widely used model with “freemium” services.

For example, Mint and Credit Karma use similar practices—as do most of the websites you visit. That said, if data privacy is a major concern for you, you might not want to sign up for a service like Wikibuy.

How Do I Get Rid of Wikibuy?

To remove the Wikibuy extension from your Chrome browser, go to “Manage Extensions” and then click “Remove Extension.”

If you’re looking to delete the app, you can delete it from your phone like you would any other app.

Alternatives to Wikibuy

Some of the more popular alternatives to Wikibuy include:

  • Honey
  • Everydime
  • Waldo
  • Piggy
  • Shoppingo
  • Wait for Savings
  • Coupons at Checkout

Keep in mind that each of these companies offers slightly different services and features than Wikibuy, so make sure to do your homework before signing up.

Is Wikibuy Right for Me?

If you love to shop online and get better deals, Wikibuy is worth checking out. It’s free to sign up for, free to use, and it will help you find better deals on products that you already plan on purchasing.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t care about saving a few bucks here or there, or if you really value the privacy of your data, Wikibuy might not be for you.

Either way, if you’re reading my blog, I hope that, by now, you’ve learned that your primary focus should be on saving and investing your money rather than spending it on things.

To learn some of the ways I recommend getting your finances on track, check out my Best Habits post.

Here’s to getting better deals, and also to realize that—most of the time—you already have everything you need to live a happy life! Good luck making the smartest purchasing decisions— today and for some time to come.

Wikibuy compensates us when you sign up for Wikibuy using the links we provided.

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