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Bingo Cash is a legit online cash bingo game that you can play for cash prizes from your iOS or Android device. This popular game is created by Papaya Gaming, the same trusted game development studio that has produced other cash app games like Solitaire Cash, 21 Cash and Bubble Cash.


  • Top Rated Cash Game App
  • Old School Bingo Fun
  • Can Play for Free
  • No Ads
  • Earn Free Cash Bonuses


  • State Restrictions
  • $1 Processing Fee
  • Up to 14 Day Withdrawal Process

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Earning Potential


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Bingo Cash is a fun way to earn extra cash for playing Bingo. As their store description boasts, you can turn your Bingo skills into dollar bills.

Highly rated in the App Store, Bingo Cash has a 4.7-star rating, out of 5, based on over 91K reviews.

What is Bingo Cash?

Bingo Cash is created by Papaya Gaming, a respected and popular developer that produces skill-based cash app games for Android and iOS devices. Papaya games have been downloaded more than 18 million times by users in the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Bingo Cash matches you against 1 to 19 other players in head-to-head matches or multiplayer tournaments. Most games have 5 to 7 players total, with the 3 top finishers winning a prize. In some larger brackets, there may be 4 or more winners.

The player with the most points wins. You win points by scoring Bingo(s) on your card (diagonal, horizontal, vertical, or four corners), blacking out your entire card, or extra-quick daubs (speed bonuses). As you play, you unlock special boosters you can use to get free daubs, extra time or double your points.

Bingo Cash is currently rated number 5 in the iTunes App Store for “Casino” category games. It enjoys especially high user marks, with a 4.7 rating (out of 5 stars) based on over 91,000 reviews.

Is Bingo Cash Legit?

Yes, Bingo Cash is an extremely legit app. It has over 91,000 reviews from iTunes and Android users in the App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store.

Additionally, I have installed and played the game myself to test my speed and skill level. I wagered a modest amount, $12. After playing a dozen cash games, I won more than I lost and cleared over $5 in earnings.

You can read a number of reviews from real-life players who have won substantial amounts of money playing Bingo Cash.

Player Ricardo Amfibio32, for example, notes that he cashed out over $2,300 on March 28, 2023!

How to Earn Money Playing Bingo Cash

It’s easy to install the Bingo Cash app on your phone and start winning money and virtual currency rewards.

  1. Install the app
  2. Play the tutorial
  3. Sign up for free
  4. Play practice rounds
  5. Fund your account
  6. Play cash games

1. Install the App

Install the free Bingo Cash app from the iTunes App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, or the app listing on the Bingo Cash website at The app is not available in Google Play.

Keep in mind there are several other Bingo apps that have “Bingo” and “cash” in the app name and description.

Next, open up the app.

Choose an avatar (profile image) and username. Bingo Cash will automatically suggest a random username and avatar. When I played, I just went with their suggested name: GutsyAnt572.

install bingo cash app and choose your avatar and username

2. Play the Tutorial

After you’ve set your player name, go through the tutorial to learn how to play the game for free. Then you can play your first free tournament using 20 gems.

When you create your account, you’ll get several dozen free gems to start with.

Gems are Bingo Cash’s in-app virtual currency. Use gems to enter free, practice games. You can also use gems to fund all or part of your entry fee into some cash games with smaller cash prize pools of $7 or $10.

After you’ve finished the Bingo Cash tutorial, you’ll be told you’re ready to play for real prizes. We recommend that you play several, free practice games before you start to play for real money.

bingo cash free tutorials

3. Register for Free

After the tutorial, you can register your account, answering a few basic questions, to verify your age and your residency.

We recommend you play some practice games to get a good feel for the game’s pace and unique nuances, like different boosts to increase your score.

I played several free Bingo Cash “practice” games, wagering the virtual “gems” you get for free when you set up your account. In this game, the entry fee was 20 gems. I came in second place and won 40 gems.

play bingo cash practice games

4. Fund Your Account

When you’re ready to try your luck at some cash games, fund your account. You can fund it with $5, $15, $25, or more.

There is always the option to fund your account with $5, but the higher deposit amounts can vary. For example, when I played the highest funding amount option was $50. The next day it cut off at $35. 

You can fund your account with PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, or Mastercard.

When you withdraw your earnings, your rewards will be credited via the same method you used to fund your account.

Bingo Cash’s Starter Pack gives you the best bang for your buck when you start out. For $5, you can get an additional $2.50 free in bonus cash and 100 gems.

bingo cash starter pack

For my first deposit, I used PayPal and funded my account with $5 to get the Starter Pack promo. I got $2.50 in bonus cash and $7.50 in-game funds to enter cash tournaments.

After your first $5 deposit, there may not be a cash bonus offered for subsequent deposits of that amount.

Cash bonus rewards, however, will fluctuate based on promotions and algorithms (i.e., how long it’s been since you’ve played a cash game). Bingo Cash wants to encourage you to deposit cash and play cash pool games. It is very possible the exact same Starter Pack promotion will not be available when you join, but there will likely be some sort of discount.

In addition to funding your account, you can earn cash bonuses for inviting friends. You will get $1 for each friend who joins, and your friend will get $1 too.

bingo cash invite friends

5. Play Cash Games

Play your first cash game. Initially, only smaller prize pools will be available to you (i.e., a $1 entry fee for a shot at a $5 prize). As you start to win matches and your skill level improves, higher-paying prize pots up to $113 will become available.

You will not win the entire pot. The top 3 (or sometimes top 4) finishers will win a prize.

I played several $5 prize pots, pools open to 7 players each paying a $1 entry fee.

  • First-place finisher wins $2.90 (190% return on your wager)
  • Second-place finisher wins $1.40 (40% return on your wager)
  • Third-place finisher wins $0.7. (down 30% from your wager)

In total, $7 is paid into the pot but $5 is doled out in rewards. The house keeps a $2 (roughly 29%) cut.

I also played some $12 prize pots, and it was a similar set-up.

If you want to know how much the top finishers will get before you enter a game, that’s easy to find out.

  • Go to the main dashboard (“Lobby”).
  • Tap the game you want to explore and you can see the reward amounts for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Make sure to tap the game listing (i.e. the game name or the prize pool figure). Do not tap the “Play button” or you will be entered into the tournament if your balance is enough to cover the entry fee.

Here are some of the different Bingo Cash prize pools I was prompted to enter. There are far more than the ones featured. The bottom pool shown is for a hybrid game: you pay an entry fee of both gems and cash.

prize pools

Earning Potential

You could potentially earn up to $150 a month by playing Bingo Cash. This means you would need to average $5 in winnings every day over 30 days. Averaging $5 per day is doable but might not be easy.

You need to win more than you lose, and the more you win the harder it is to keep winning. As you win, you become more skilled and get matched against increasingly better players.

Streaks of winning are often followed by streaks of losing, and there’s a temptation to keep going and not quit when you’re ahead.

You can also earn small daily rewards–gems, XP, or cash–for playing. The longer your streak (number of days in a row you log in), the better the reward. On your third and seventh day of consecutive gameplay, for example, you’ll get $0.10 and $0.30 free.

Here’s an overview of what Bingo Cash daily rewards look like.

bingo cash daily reward

How to Cash Out

When you’re ready to cash out on Bing Cash, the process is very easy.

  1. Tap the purple hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the screen. (It’s a circle with three horizontal lines inside.)
  2. Select “Withdraw.”
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

You must have a minimum balance of at least $5 in earnings to request a payout. You cannot withdraw bonus cash. While bonus cash can be used to fund gameplay (pay for cash entries), you cannot cash out those funds.

When you cash out, there are a few cashout methods:

  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Credit card or debit card (Mastercard or Visa)

Pros and Cons

As with any gaming experience, there are pros and cons to Bingo Cash.


  • Bingo Cash is a fun way to play the classic Bingo card game. You can play for free or to win cash.
  • Power-ups and game boosts. These extra boosters, like double points or free daubs, add an exciting element of strategy to the classic Bingo game.
  • Play free games! You can play free, practice games. It’s the same competition style of play, but you don’t have to bet any actual money.
  • No cash is needed to play the Bingo Cash tournament. You can play free Bingo games by wagering gems, the game’s virtual in-app currency. Use these gems to enter a free cash game, or what’s called a Freeroll game. 10 players go head to head and compete for a shot at a cash prize of $3, $2, or $1. You can use those winnings to play more cash games.
  • Multiple winners per game. There are 3 winners for each multiplayer tournament, occasionally 4 winners if there is a larger bracket.
  • Earning Potential. Potential to earn up to $150 a month playing Bingo Cash.
  • Availability. Available for iPhone and Android
  • Earn free cash bonuses for adding funds to your account — amounts generally range from $2.50 to $7. The more you deposit, the higher the potential bonus money.
  • Earn $1 for each friend you refer. Your friend will get $1 in bonus cash and your account will be also credited $1 in bonus cash.


  • You can lose money. While Bingo Cash is a game of skill (for parity, all players have the same Bingo card and the same numbers called), you can still be outplayed and lose money. The game moves very quickly (i.e., how fast the numbers are called), and how quickly you daub can make the difference between first and last place.
  • Cash games are not available in all states. Residents of AZ, AR, IA, LA, DE or SC can only play free Bingo games in the Bingo Cash app. Entering any cash tournaments is prohibited.
  • The game is not available in the Google Play Store. But Android users can still download the game to their mobile device from the website or from the Samsung Galaxy Store.
  • Limited reward options. You cannot cash out your rewards as gift cards for Amazon, Cash App, or other popular reward methods. Earnings are paid out using the same method used to fund your balance: PayPal account, Apple Pay, Visa, or Mastercard.
  • It’s not a reliable source of income. You have to love Bingo and games of chance to enjoy Bingo Cash. It does pay real money, but you shouldn’t look at online Bingo as a way to bring in regular income. At best, it’s a fun, casual hobby that can sometimes pay you money for winning.

Alternatives to Bingo Cash

In addition to Bingo Cash, there are other outstanding mobile games you can play — both Bingo for cash, or other non-Bingo games.

Bingo Style Game Alternatives

Other Cash App Games

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Bingo Cash.

Does Bingo Cash really pay out?

Yes! In one evening of gameplay, I played some cash games with my own money and cleared $5 in earnings. Furthermore, you can read excellent reviews on iTunes from other Bingo Cash players who are pleased with how quickly Bingo Cash pays out and how much you can earn from it compared to other Bingo apps and cash money games.

Is Bingo Cash in the Google Play store?

No, Bingo Cash is not in the Google Play Store due to Google Play’s policy on gambling and “real-money games.”

Google’s policy is considered confusing and inconsistent, as its anti-gambling policy does allow exceptions for horse betting, casino games, and sports betting (including “Fantasy” leagues).

If you have an Android device, you can still play. You can find and download Bingo Cash on the BingoCash website, or from the Galaxy Store.

How do you get a high score in Bingo Cash?

To get a high score in Bingo Cash, you’ll need to practice your speed and strategy.

  • Play practice games to improve your speed (reaction time).
  • Use boosts to your advantage. If you get a free daub boost, for example, use it to help complete a Bingo. Or you may want to hold onto it strategically until you can use it to make a double or triple Bingo, or even fill the board in a coverall.

What are my odds of winning Bingo?

For most players, your odds of winning on Bingo Cash are pretty good — you can probably win around 50% of the games you play when starting out.

But as your skills progress, it will become harder and you’ll find yourself losing more than you win. The more you improve, the harder the competitors you’ll face. You’re matched against other players of similar ability.

In reading the app reviews, successful players all seem to follow a similar trajectory: you start playing and have an easy time winning at first, then you lose a lot as the competition gets harder so you play lots and lots of practice rounds to refine your skills, and then you’re able to start winning again at cash games.

Is Bingo Cash fun?

With highly regarded user reviews, it suggests the game is very enjoyable and entertaining. When I played the game myself, I found it very enjoyable. I like playing the retro game from my childhood, and the added twists and turns that make the game more challenging.

Of course, if you don’t like Bongo games in the real world, you’re not going to enjoy playing them digitally on your phone.

Should You Play Bingo Cash?

Bingo Cash is an enjoyable way to play Bingo straight from your phone. You can have fun and play for cash, too.

Of course, losing money is a risk. But you lose most games of Bingo you play live at the VFW or local Bingo parlors too, right?

If you’re worried about losing money or don’t enjoy Bingo Cash, other side hustles may be more up your alley.

Walking dogs, taking paid online surveys, or reviewing music are other flexible side gigs you can do to make real money.

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