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e-Rewards is a market research platform where you can earn rewards by taking surveys. As an e-Rewards member, you’ll have access to a variety of market research panels.

In exchange for your time and completing survey responses, the company will pay you with their own e-Rewards currency, which can then be redeemed for a variety of things. To become a member, however, you have to be invited.

If you’re interested in learning more about how much you can make with e-Rewards, you’ve come to the right place.

This post explores everything you need to know about e-Rewards, including how to sign up, the pros and cons of being a member, and answers to some commonly asked questions I hear about the company.

What is e-Rewards?

First, let’s take a look at the backstory of one of the internet’s oldest market research platforms.

e-Rewards was founded in Dallas in 1999. Since then, the business has expanded rapidly and was even listed as one of America’s fastest-growing companies back in 2008.

In 2009, e-Rewards purchased London-based Research Now. The two companies then proceeded to operate under that name.

Several years and several acquisitions later, Research Now was acquired by a private equity fund, which ultimately merged it with its former main competitor, Survey Sampling International.

The end result is a new company called Dynata, which operates in over 100 locations worldwide.

How it Works

e-Rewards is a market research company that gets paid by its partners to collect data about consumers. This data is then used to improve future products and services, among other things.

For example, e-Rewards might get paid to find out what brands you support, how often you shop, if you own any cars, what type of insurance you have, and if you have any medical conditions. You get the gist.

When you think about the importance of customer satisfaction, you can see why companies are so invested in understanding the opinions of consumers.

As an e-Rewards member, you can earn e-Rewards currency in exchange for taking surveys. This currency can then be used to redeem free gift cards and other rewards.

e-Rewards, though, is invite-only, meaning that you can only sign up for e-Rewards if you get an invitation.

To qualify, you must be a legal resident of the United States and be at least 13 years of age.

e-Rewards Features


As an e-Rewards subscriber, you’ll get access to surveys in your account. Some of these surveys will be open to the general public, while others will only be available to you based on the responses you provided in your onboarding survey.

You’ll also receive email notices from the company that contains surveys you might qualify for. Suffice it to say that, with e-Rewards, email is an easy way to stay in the loop about potential surveys without having to log into your account.

e-Rewards Currency

With each survey you take, you will earn e-Rewards currency. The more surveys you take, the more you’ll earn over time.

To view how many rewards you’ve accumulated, click on the Rewards tab in your account. From there, you’ll also have the opportunity to redeem your rewards for over 30 different branded gift cards.


e-Rewards is 100% free to sign up for. There are no monthly fees or subscription costs.

Getting Started

To sign up for e-Rewards, you have to receive an invitation. This is a huge obstacle that you won’t see with most other survey sites.

On the flip side, this invitation-only model might be their secret sauce for providing higher-quality data for its partners. Who knows? Either way, you cannot just sign up for e-Rewards. Too bad!

If you’re one of the chosen few, though, all you have to do is click the activation link in your invitation email to get started. You’ll then be asked to provide basic personal details to create an account.

Once that’s done, you’ll be paired with an onboarding survey that asks a series of detailed questions. These questions are intended to collect data about things like your shopping and eating habits if you have any health issues, whether you’re a smoker, and so on.

e-Rewards then uses this data to pair you with future surveys that line up with the responses you provided.

For example, if you indicate that you shop at Best Buy, you might get access to a survey about your recent experiences there. Or, if you declare that you have a specific medical condition, you might be asked questions about various medications.


According to the e-Rewards website, it uses the latest data security technology to make sure that your personal information is kept safe at all times.

Customer Support

e-Rewards has a customer support option right in your account. You can submit a request online or email them at [email protected]

There’s also a useful FAQ section on their website, which should answer most of the commonly asked questions that you might have.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% free to sign up
  • Established company
  • Earn rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards


  • Invitation-only service, you can’t just simply sign up
  • Outdated, old-school interface
  • Takes time to generate meaningful gift card revenue

Alternatives to e-Rewards

Some of the more popular alternatives to e-Rewards include Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, Vindale Research, and more.

Of those sites, only e-Rewards is invite-only—something that sets it apart from its competitors but also makes it trickier to get started with.

Best Survey Sites
Survey Junkie $5 Sign-up Bonus Sign Up
Inbox Dollars $5 Sign-up Bonus Sign Up
MyPoints $5 Sign-up Bonus Sign Up
Swagbucks $20 Sign-up Bonus Sign Up


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What is e-Rewards Program?

e-Rewards is a market website where you can earn rewards for taking surveys. You’ll need to be invited to become a member to start earning, though, which presents a bit of an obstacle to making money.

How Do You Get Invited to e-Rewards?

There is no direct way to get invited to e-Rewards. It appears that you need to share your email with a partner company of theirs—and even then, you might not get invited.

For example, I would guess that maybe if you signed up for their partner website Opinion Outpost—which is owned by Dynata, the parent company—you might be in the running for an e-Rewards invitation.

Do e-Rewards Points Expire?

I do not see anything about an expiration policy for your e-Rewards points. If you are really worried about your points expiring, I would recommend contacting them.

Is e-Rewards a Legitimate Site?

Yes, e-Rewards is a legitimate site. If you’re able to get invited to become a member, you can take surveys and make money. That said, a service like e-Rewards is unlikely to make you a millionaire overnight.

However, if you have some spare time and are looking to make some extra cash on the side, e-Rewards can be a helpful service.

Is e-Rewards Right For Me?

The journey to financial independence is long and arduous. No two people take the same path, either. That being the case, e-Rewards might be a good service for some people, but others will be better off spending their time focusing on more lucrative options.

You know your financial situation better than anyone else. If you’re interested in finding an online survey site to make some extra cash off of, e-Rewards may be a good fit. But at the same time, there are countless other comparable options—many of which don’t operate on an invitation-only basis.

Do your due diligence and look for the survey site that makes the most sense for your specific situation, several have great survey apps that you can download so you can access them easier right from your phone!

You may end up finding a site that enables you to make a little extra cash on the side while filling out surveys you ultimately end up being entertained by. That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, right?

I hope this post has helped you figure out whether e-Rewards is a service you want to look into further. Personally, I think your time might be better spent on other side-hustle ideas—especially since the service is only accessible on an invite-only basis. But hey, that’s just me! You do you.


Overall Rating


Bottom Line

e-Rewards is a market research company that gets paid by its partners to collect data about consumers. This data is then used to improve future products and services, among other things. You can in turn earn e-Rewards currency to exchange for a number of things.


  • Can Exchange Points for Giftcards
  • Established Company


  • Invitation Only Sign Up
  • Outdated Interface



Reward Redemption Options


User Friendliness


Sign Up Process


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  • Comment Author image blank harry engelis says:

    like the respondent below happened to me twice first time I was allowed back second time did not happen makes me wonder what they do with the money people accumulate from people> Do they tell companies that sponsor this or do they just keep it as profit for themselves

  • Comment Author image blank DP says:

    I had a horrible experience with e-rewards. I had accumulated several hundred points and was suddenly locked out of my account. The company claimed I had violated a policy but never specified which policy. They ignored my appeal and refused to respond to my BBB complaint. When I did a search in the company I found several stories like mine. Don’t trust e-rewards.

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