How to Get Paid for Amazon Reviews in 2024

If you’re like most people, you love Amazon. Who doesn’t love a site where you can buy almost anything you want at excellent prices and have them on your porch the next day?

Just when you thought you couldn’t love Amazon anymore, you can get paid for Amazon reviews. While Amazon themselves won’t pay you for the reviews (it’s not allowed), sellers can pay people to write honest reviews about their products in other ’roundabout ways.’

Top 8 Ways to Get Paid for Amazon Reviews

Getting paid for Amazon reviews is a little tricky because Amazon tries to keep its review section as legit as possible. That means they’ll restrict accounts that seem to have paid reviews or reviews that don’t seem real.

However, there are some legit ways to get paid for Amazon reviews without repercussions.

  1. Survey Sites
  2. Amazon Videos
  3. Amazon Vine
  4. Amazon-related YouTube or TikTok
  5. Amazon Reviewer Sites
  6. Start Your Own Affiliate Blog
  7. Book Review Websites
  8. Write Product Reviews for Blogs

1. Survey Sites

Survey sites are a completely legit way to review Amazon products. While you aren’t leaving the review directly on Amazon, you’re letting market research companies know what you think of the products.

Some of the most popular survey sites paying you for Amazon reviews include the following:

Kash Kick

Kash Kick is a survey site offering several ways to earn money. KashKick has a low payout threshold of $10, and you can get paid to do things like play games, watch videos, and answer surveys on products and services.


Swagbucks offers many ways to make money, including answering surveys on products sold on Amazon. In addition to surveys, you can make money by shopping online, playing games, and watching videos. You get paid in SBs or Swagbucks and can convert your SBs to gift cards to stores like Amazon.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers high-paying surveys that sometimes concern products sold on Amazon. The surveys allow you to give your thoughts and opinions on products and brands, paying you cash for your opinion.

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is a get-paid-to site that pays you to play games, watch videos, read emails, and answer surveys. If you answer surveys about products sold on Amazon, you help shape the products sold. You’ll receive cash payments in exchange for your opinion, but you can’t cash out on InboxDollars until you earn at least $30.

2. Amazon Videos

Shoppable Videos are another great way to get paid for your opinion of Amazon products. If you’re a member of the Amazon Influencer Program, you can upload videos to your storefront. These videos can feature anything from product reviews to tutorials and shopping hauls.

Once a video is approved, it will be available in your storefront and could show up in search results and on product pages. The more high-quality videos you publish, the more likely they are to get higher-traffic views.

You’ll make money when people watch your videos on Amazon. You can also publish your videos on your social media accounts and earn commissions when someone buys a product with your links.

3. Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is an invite-only program run by Amazon. If chosen, you are provided Amazon products for free and asked for your honest opinion. So while you aren’t necessarily getting paid for the review itself, you receive the product for free, which is the equivalent of getting paid.

Amazon wants people in the Amazon Vine program who will leave honest and helpful reviews to assist its customers in making decisions. To increase your chances of getting chosen, it’s best to regularly leave high-quality Amazon reviews.

There’s no rhyme or reason regarding how you get picked. Just continue leaving honest reviews and keep your account legit to increase your chances of being selected.

4. Amazon-Related YouTube or TikTok

If you have a YouTube channel or a TikTok account, you can review Amazon products, leaving affiliate links for your viewers to click on and use to make a purchase.

Since your review swayed them one way or the other, it’s like getting paid for Amazon reviews without physically receiving payment for them. You can even share the links multiple times, especially for products you love.

Some Amazon sellers also pay social media influencers a flat fee to discuss their products. Since most sellers are starting, it may not be much money, but it all adds up, and you’re doing a good deed by helping a seller share their products.

5. Amazon Reviewer Sites

Amazon reviewer sites connect Amazon product sellers with reviewers like yourself. The sellers offer their products to their audience for little to no cost in exchange for a review.

So again, while you aren’t getting paid for the review, you receive the products for free or low cost, which is the equivalent of getting paid.


Members of Snagshout receive deep discounts or cashback offers on specific Amazon deals. Many of the products in Snagshout are new, so buying them at a discount helps sellers get the word out about their products. You either purchase the product on Amazon using a discount code or get cashback by purchasing the product through Snagshout.

6. Start Your Own Affiliate Blog

An Amazon affiliate blog is a blog in which you include Amazon affiliate links to products you think your audience would love and is another way to get paid for Amazon reviews.

You should do this in the most natural way possible, though. Instead of only writing about the product, work it into related topics so that it’s a natural fit and hits the right audience.

Keep in mind that you should only provide affiliate links to products you’ve tried and believe in, not just any products, to make a quick buck. Your audience can tell when you’re authentic about a product and when you’re just trying to make money

Your content should be authentic, and your review honest, even if you didn’t like the product. You’ll sell more by being honest than by trying to make quick cash.

7. Book Review Websites

If you love to read, consider signing up on book review websites to review books sold on Amazon. New authors need as many reviews as possible to get their books in front of a larger audience.

They turn to these sites to get paired with avid readers willing to read the book and write a review.

Reader’s Favorite

Reader’s Favorite has a database of 10,000+ books in 150+ genres ready for readers to review. To get free books, you simply browse their database and contact the author for a free book. When you’re done reading, the only requirement is to leave an honest review.

Online Book Club

Online Book Club offers the opportunity to read books and get paid for doing it. The first book you get is free, and your review isn’t paid. This lets them get a feel for your style. After your first book, you can get paid $5 – $60 per book review.

8. Write Product Reviews for Blogs

If you have a knack for writing, you can get paid to write product reviews for blogs. Much like writing for your own blog, you’d write an honest review for another person’s blog.

The only difference is you get paid a flat fee for your service versus earning affiliate income from each sale, as that’s left for the blog owner.

Get Free Gifts & Product Discounts for Your Reviews

Many companies offer free or deeply discounted products to encourage you to leave a review. But remember, your review should always be honest.


AMZDiscover is similar to Amazon Vine, but Amazon does not run it. Instead, it’s another marketplace that connects Amazon sellers with people willing to try new products and leave honest reviews.

AMZDiscover hires what they call ‘Amazon testers’ or people they pay to try products for sellers and leave a review. Sellers need honest feedback to determine how well their product will sell and to foresee any problems they may have with it.


Brandbacker connects Amazon sellers with influencers who will share their products and their reviews. You may earn free products in exchange for sharing the product, or you may get affiliate links to share the ability to purchase it with your audience, so you earn a commission.

Brandbacker is how many influencers get their Amazon products. But to remain legit, only share products you would use or have used yourself. You’ll come off much more authentic when you can talk about real-life uses of the product and not just repeat the product description.

Tips for Writing Amazon Reviews

To get paid to write Amazon reviews, you must know how to write them effectively. This is important for Amazon Vine since it’s an invite-only program, but all Amazon sellers look at your reviews to determine if they want you in their program.

Here’s what to consider.

Be Thorough

Make your reviews as extensive as possible. Read the product description to ensure you touch on all the features. You aren’t obligated to leave a positive review; instead, you should share as much as you can about the product to give readers a good feel for what they might be buying.

Consider what you’d want to read in a review and make your review match what you want. For example, your review should give readers more details about the product than the product description provides.

Proofread Your Review

Make sure your review is grammatically correct and makes sense. Don’t just throw a review together to increase your number of reviews. They should be well thought-out and run through a grammar checker to ensure they make sense.

The more well-written your review is, the more serious readers will take you. Plus, it’s much easier to read a well-written review than one thrown together just to make a few bucks.

Add Pictures and Videos

A picture is worth much more than words, as is a video. People reading reviews love to see pictures and videos, especially of the product in use or a before and after picture.

Try adding descriptions to your pictures or discussing them in your review to give them more context.

Add a Disclaimer

Always include a disclaimer that the product was provided for free or as a part of a promotion. This disclaimer lets readers know why you’re reviewing it, but your review should be honest.

Ensure Your Review Is Captivating

Your review should have a hook, cover all the pain points the product hits, and summarize your opinion. Readers should walk away thoroughly, understanding what you thought of it. They don’t want a review that says, ‘It was good.’ Instead, they want details and situations to help readers understand what it’s all about to help them make a decision.

Establish Your Own Rating Scale

Create a rating scale and explain it to your readers. Let them know your thoughts on each of the product’s features and how they rank on your scale.


Can I Make Money Writing Amazon Reviews on Fiverr?

No, Amazon does not allow Amazon reviews from Fiverr sellers. They’ve gone as far as suing some sellers for selling Amazon reviews on the platform. Instead, focus on leaving reviews on Amazon to increase your chances of getting invited to Amazon Vine.

Is Getting Paid for Amazon Reviews Legal?

Getting paid for Amazon reviews is legal, but Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to do it to keep its site legit. Technically, they don’t allow you to receive free products in exchange for a review either, but it’s acceptable through the Amazon Vine program. Always keep your reviews legit, fair, and unbiased so you aren’t accused of ‘forcing good reviews.’

Is There a Limit to How Many Reviews I Can Write on Amazon?

Amazon limits reviewers to five reviews per week. If you exceed the limit, Amazon may restrict your account, so you cannot leave reviews. It looks fishy to them when you leave too many reviews too quickly. However, if you can prove you purchased the products and weren’t gifted them, you may get away with leaving more than five reviews weekly.

Does Amazon Monitor Reviews?

Amazon does monitor reviews and will remove any reviews that violate its policies, including those that use inappropriate language. Amazon strives to keep its reviews legit and does so by marking reviews as ‘Verified Buyer’ when they can verify the reviewer bought the items from Amazon.

How Much Can I Make Writing Amazon Reviews?

You’ll usually earn a free product instead of cash when writing Amazon reviews. However, if a seller pays you to sponsor a blog post or for affiliate links, you may make $10 or so per review, depending on the item and the size of your audience.

Are Paid Amazon Reviews Worth It?

Getting paid for Amazon reviews may mean receiving free products and writing about them. But if you own a blog, TikTok, or YouTube channel, you may get paid to talk or write about Amazon products directly through Amazon’s affiliate program.

Just be careful that you aren’t directly compensated on Amazon for the products, and always include a disclaimer that you received the product as part of a promotion to keep it legit.

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