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LifePoints is easy and fun to use and a simple side hustle to get started with. If you have free time and need some extra cash, I recommend giving LifePoints a shot.


  • Lots of Survey Options
  • Multiple Ways to Redeem Points
  • No Geographical Limitations


  • Points Will Expire
  • Lack of Customer Support

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You won’t get rich answering surveys, that’s the honest truth. But you could have fun and earn some extra money in your spare time, so why not?

But the real question lies in finding a legitimate survey site to spend your time on. LifePoints is a legit survey site with a lot to offer its users.

Read our in-depth review on LifePoints to see how you can start earning points to redeem for cash or free gift cards to major retailers today!

What is LifePoints?

Two global market research companies, MySurvey and Lightspeed, joined together to create LifePoints in 2019.

When you join LifePoints, you can take surveys that pay for your opinion in points, which you can then redeem for electronic free gift cards, cash via PayPal payment, or a charity donation.

Unlike many of its English-only competitors, LifePoints offers surveys from all over the world in 26 languages. Almost everyone can share an opinion and earn points.

What Does LifePoints Do?

Companies crave feedback from existing and potential customers. They call this feedback market research or product research.

For decades, companies did market research by hiring a staff to call random landlines and ask whoever answered the phone to take a survey. Or they mailed out surveys to people’s homes and hoped for a decent response.

But this kind of research costs a lot and returns only a handful of responses.

Now, through survey sites like LifePoints, companies can get more responses for less money. They can create a global test market without mobilizing an army of telemarketers or processing tons of snail mail.

LifePoints Harnesses Your Voice

So when you join LifePoints and take online surveys, you get a small voice in the future of a variety of products—from video games to groceries to movie concessions.

Marketing research companies ask that you provide honest answers and represent the demographic they’re targeting.

If you complete enough surveys to earn rewards, you can cash out your points for gift cards to places like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Google Play, and eBay. You could also opt for PayPal cash payments. It’s as simple as that!

Is LifePoints Legit or a Scam?

LifePoints is a legitimate survey site and NOT a scam. It is the child of a couple of upstanding survey companies—MySurvey and Lightspeed

It also has mostly positive ratings, with a Trustpilot score of 4.0 out of 5 with over 39.2k customer reviews, and an equally as good rating on the Google Play store at 4.2 out of 5 with over 103.0k customer reviews.

The legitimacy of the surveys and payouts is solid and not often complained about. They are very responsive to feedback on the Google Play Store, which means they’re listening.

LifePoints has over 5 million members across 70 countries, so they are popular just about everywhere.

How Does LifePoints Work?

LifePoints panel is simple and straightforward. A lot of survey platforms feel clunky and dated. Not LifePoints.

The LifePoints panel is clutter-free, modular, and colorful. Your progress bar shows your points total in the survey panel and always lets you know how many more points you need for your next cash out.

Each LifePoints survey shows a time estimate and the number of points you could earn before you start. You’ll know what you’re getting into and how much it’ll pay out. This helps as you budget time.

The platform offers mini-polls that pay 1 or 2 points for answering a question or two. It also offers half-hour-long surveys that pay 100 or 150 points.

Ways To Earn with LifePoints

The whole point of LifePoints is to collect, well, LifePoints. When you get enough points, you can cash the points in for money or gift cards.

You’ll need about 550 points to earn a $5 gift card. So a point is valued at a little less than a penny. First, let’s see what you can do to earn points:

LifePoints Surveys

Online surveys provide the backbone of LifePoints. You’ll share your opinion and knowledge about products, policies, and occasionally political candidates.

Topics range from politics, health, fitness, food, recreation, entertainment, and travel. These surveys require your focus, but not much else.

New surveys often fill up quickly, so you’ll need to check in often to maximize your earning potential.

LifePoints Boosters

The best survey sites have ways that you can maximize your earnings. This often involves referring others to the site and rewarding frequent users.

LifePoints rewards people who complete a certain simple task with bonuses known as Boosters.

For instance, LifePoints rewards you extra points in the form of a 20% Booster if you allow location services on the app. This means that you will earn 20% more points on each online survey that you complete. Not bad.

They will also reward you for keeping your profile up to date. When they prompt you to update, you will earn about 10 points every time.

You can also earn Boosters by being a frequent user. LifePoints offers Daily Challenges that are rewarded in Boosters. These are tasks that are shorter than taking surveys. If you are consistent with the Daily Challenges, you will receive even more of a boost.

Unlike other survey sites, LifePoints does not offer a referral system.

Tracking Behaviors in Diary Entries

LifePoints also rewards points for keeping track of your behaviors and experiences through diary entries.

The data from your diaries can tell research companies how you used a particular product. Your unique experience with a product or brand can shape future versions of the product.

Keeping a diary requires more time and thought than simple survey panels, but it can also reward more points.

Daily Challenges

Once you are a regular user of the platform, you will receive daily challenges. These daily challenges are surveys, created by monitoring your previous answers. As a perk of completing daily challenges, you get monthly boosters, and if you complete the daily challenge every day, you’ll get bonus Lifepoints for the month.

Location-Based Surveys

“Earn-on-The-Go” is an option that LifePoints provides for location-based surveys. So now, you can earn even more points based on your location.

For this to work, you will have to allow the app to have access to your location, if you are ok with this, you will get 50 bonus points for allowing it access and then a recurring 20 bonus points monthly for keeping it on.

The location-based surveys will be questions based on the places you visit or travel to the most.

Product Testing

Another option is getting paid to test products. Some companies want pointed feedback about a specific product, and they’re even willing to mail you a product. In exchange, you’ll provide detailed and honest feedback about the product. Product testing appeals to people who have extra time.

Weekly Drawings

LifePoints also give away weekly bonuses to its members. Winners are announced via our social media channels every week, so you need to be following them to see if you’ve been lucky! In the last year alone they’ve paid over $22 million to LifePoints members!

LifePoints Rewards Options

A lot of survey sites have a clear points-to-cash conversion system. The LifePoints system is less clear.

The value you get for your points depends on the redemption option you choose:

Gift Cards

You’d need 550 life points to earn a $5 gift card. Based on this ratio, a LifePoint is worth $0.90 when redeemed for a gift card.

If you choose to redeem your LifePoints for an gift card, you can visit the rewards center on the LifePoints Panel to choose your online retailer.

Although you’re allowed to redeem points once you reach 550, you’d need 1,100 points to get most gift cards in the rewards center because they come in increments of $10.

As of now, the rewards center includes a $5 Amazon gift card in exchange for 550 points; all other gift cards would require you to redeem 1,100 points for a $10 gift card.

And it’s important to know your points don’t last forever. Per the LifePoints Terms and Conditions, “points expire three years from the date of award and, if sooner, upon twelve (12) months of no account activity.”

This is definitely something to consider if you feel like you may have periods of inactivity on the site, which all of us inevitably do.


You’d need 1,200 points to redeem a $10 PayPal voucher. Based on this ratio, a LifePoint is worth $0.83 when redeemed for cash.

PayPal may also take a percentage if you transfer your PayPal cash balance into your bank account.


You could transfer your LifePoints to a charity of your choice with the same 550 points to $5 ratio—about $0.90 per point. Charities include the Special Olympics and UNICEF.

Earning Potential

LifePoints, like most survey sites, is free to join—no surprise fees or scam worries here. But what about your earning potential? Will LifePoints be worth your time and effort?

This is where your perspective matters. LifePoints can’t provide a living wage. But it does provide a way to make a little extra money.

You could earn an extra $100 a month, for example. This could pay your smartphone bill or for a couple of nice restaurant meals.

To earn this much extra money, you’d probably need to spend a couple of hours a day on the site. If you have a couple of extra hours a day, this is an easy way to turn that time into money.

Once you’re signed up and ready to take surveys, use this calculator to prioritize which surveys or activities to complete first. This will help you identify the highest-paid activities.

What survey site are you using? Each site values their points slightly differently.

How many reward points does the site say you'll get for completing the survey?

How many minutes does it say the survey or activity will take to complete?

20 minutes

Is LifePoints Worth It?

You could expect to earn 20 to 100 points per survey. You can also find some 150 or 200-point surveys. Naturally, the point earnings tend to increase as the length of the survey increases.

A 100-point survey may take you 20 minutes and earn you a little less than $1. (Other paid survey sites pay about the same rate.)

You can see where I’m going with this. At this rate, you’d earn about $3 an hour, which is less than you’d earn at a minimum-wage job.

Chances are good you’d get screened out of some surveys, which means you don’t get paid for the screening time.

As a full-time job, LifePoints may not be worth your time. Though there are different ways to make money online that you could do as well, every dollar adds up!

It all depends on how you like to spend your time. If you’re sitting on the bus with nothing else to do, using the mobile app to earn a couple of dollars could be worth it.

If you’re saving for something special and every little bit helps, why not use your free time to earn $100 or so extra a month?

Signing up for Lifepoints

To create a LifePoints account, you must be at least 18 years old. They operate in about 40 countries.

The sign-up process for LifePoints is super easy. Just enter your name, address, and email address to get started. You’ll get 10 life points just for that. Then, you can earn 10 more for answering a few more demographic questions.

If you’re signing up on a laptop or desktop browser, be sure to download the mobile app for your Android or iOS device, too. Most people earn more from their phones since they can squeeze in a survey here and there.

The LifePoints app had some glitches when it first launched, but over the past few months, they seem to have ironed out the problems.

Start Earning LifePoints

Once your profile is set up, you are ready to start earning points. Your dashboard (LifePoints Panel) will show a variety of available surveys. Most require clicking checkboxes; a few ask you to type in answers.

The product testing and diary-keeping surveys are sparse; you’ll mostly see questions and answers.

Just click on a survey to get started. LifePoints will take you to different sites for some surveys, but the system keeps track of your points no matter what site they come from.


This mobile app has access to a fair amount of personal information. So, what exactly does LifePoints do with your information?

Any information you provide during a survey is sent only to the client who requested the information. It is not shared with additional clients or any other LifePoints members.

The personal data you provide when you join LifePoints is not shared with any clients or any other members.

LifePoints acknowledges it cannot provide a 100% guarantee it will not be hacked. There is always a possibility.

However, this site and its app comply with the standard and industry requirements, including the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR), European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association (EphMRA), Market Research Society (UK), and the American Marketing Association (AMA).

Customer Support

LifePoints’ customer service is sparse. You can access a help center but it includes static information such as FAQs.

You can “leave a note” asking for help from customer service. This process is essentially an email ticketing system. The customer service team will respond to your inquiry in the order received.

This type of customer service can be frustrating, as most people like a live chat function or telephone number to call.

With no email address listed, it’s hard to follow up on your inquiry. You will have to submit another service request if you have an additional question.

Eventually, you may end up getting lost in the noise.

Alternatives to LifePoints

If some of the above cons have you scratching your head, that’s alright. LifePoints isn’t the only survey service out there. You may want to consider:

Branded Surveys

The Branded Surveys platform offers thousands of online surveys to earn points. Redeeming points can be done via PayPal for cash or for e-gift cards from major retailers such as Amazon.


So this survey site adds a new twist to the industry. You can get paid for watching videos, playing video games, searching the web, inviting friends, shopping online, and more.


InboxDollars is a popular cash reward and survey site. You won’t make a lot of money, but it’s a legitimate site if you want to earn some extra cash in your spare time.


MyPoints is a popular alternative to LifePoints. As a MyPoints member, you can earn up to 40% cash back when you shop at your favorite online retailers, like Amazon and Target.

Pros & Cons

There are lots of online survey sites out there, so it’s important to know where LifePoints shines and where it struggles.


  • Lots of survey opportunities: LifePoints has plenty of options available, which increases your chances of earning points. The site always has surveys available, but you might not qualify for all of them.
  • Average of 10 minutes to complete: There is nothing worse than taking a 30-minute online survey only to be disqualified or earn mere cents for your effort. The average time it takes to complete surveys or tasks on LifePoints is 10 minutes or less, which means you can earn more and focus on individual surveys less.
  • Multiple ways to redeem points: It’s always nice to have options. LifePoints offers several ways to redeem your points. You can receive a gift card from popular vendors such as Amazon or Starbucks. They also offer payouts via PayPal cash. Either way, you have options on how you would like to be rewarded for your efforts.
  • No geographical limitations: Often, these sites are only available in one or two countries. LifePoints can be accessed by people all over the globe. With surveys in 26 languages, LifePoints is available to nearly everyone.


  • Lackluster customer service: There aren’t many options when it comes to speaking to an actual human. Their main form of customer support is a knowledge center on their website. They also have a ticketing system, but that still feels highly impersonal.
  • Canceled accounts and payouts: A few users have reported their accounts were canceled for unknown reasons. Their points were nullified. Others have reported their payouts were canceled mid-shipment and accounts deactivated when they inquired. Some say that this happened after the shift from MySurvey to LifePoints.
  • Little information about earnings and rewards: As discussed above, points have different values depending on how you choose to redeem them. LifePoints could change in value if the site chooses to make such a change. There’s no government regulation to protect you. If this bothers you, try a site that pays in actual currency rather than points.
  • Points will expire: If you do the hard work to earn the points, you expect them to be permanent. Unfortunately, that is not the case with LifePoints. If not redeemed, points last three years and can expire sooner if you are an inactive user—a significant drawback if you are only taking surveys occasionally.

Is LifePoints a Good Fit For You?

Is LifePoints legitimate? Yes, but compared to all the best survey sites it is far from a perfect program.

It’s easy and fun to use and a simple side hustle to get started with. If you have free time and need some extra cash, I recommend giving LifePoints a shot.

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    I took the time to read all the fine print. LifePoints basically states they have the right to close your account any time for any reason. Also states they can stop the redemption of anything earned by you for any reason anytime.. It states they can change terms and conditions in any way at anytime . States its your responsibility to keep checking for changes. Basically they are covering themselves to do whatever they want at anytime and you dont have any comeback. It gives them the right to do whatever they please with anything earnt by you... Take the time to read all Terms and Conditions relating to this site...