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I personally use or have used all of these tools and resources. In fact, I still use many of them almost daily to track my own portfolio, invest, or run my businesses. They are the best I have found. If you click on these banners and sign up I may or may not be compensated at no cost to you. Hope they help! Thanks for supporting Millennial Money.


Personal Capital – Free Net-Worth Tracker

I have been using Personal Capital for 3 years and use the free version. They continually add new features which allow me to track both my net-worth and my millennial money portfolio performance. Sign-up and use for free.

Radius Bank – Free Online High Interest Checking Account

Radius Bank offers an amazing completely free online high interest checking account that offers 0.85% APY, which is 17x the national average for a checking account. Plus they have a ton of other great features and no cap on how much money can get the high interest return. They are definitely worth checking out.

Radius Bank Checking Account

Betterment – Simple Automated Investing

Betterment is a robo-advisor that uses an algorithm to manage and re-balance an investor’s portfolio. I spent 1-year using Betterment and loved it. While I am not currently a Betterment user, I do recommend the platform if you are looking for an easy to use hands-off investing platform with amazing features.

Cinch Financial – Best Automated Money Saving

I have been waiting for a money AI for a long time and Cinch Financial is the best one I’ve found. It monitors your spending patterns and your loans and makes recommendations that save you money. I’ve been using it for the past 6 months and I am super impressed. Check out my full Cinch review or try Cinch for Free.

cinch logo

Ally Invest – Best Discount Stock Brokerage

While I don’t buy and sell a ton of stocks, I’m a huge Ally fan. I’ve been using Ally as my online savings account since 2012 and tested out Ally Invest earlier this year. I also had the opportunity to connect with their team in person and really dig their transparent fees and user experience. Definitely worth checking out if you want to buy and sell stocks.

Fundrise – Easy Real Estate Investing

I’ve been using Fundrise since June 2017 as a way to diversify my portfolio. Of all of the real estate investing websites, I checked out this was by far my favorite and the easiest to use. If you are interested in real estate investing, definitely check it out.


Credible – Average loan savings is $18,668

Do you want to get the best rate? Then let student loan lenders compete to get your business. Credible provides real-time rates from lenders that are personalized for you. So you can claim the rate immediately and see how much you can save. I have recommended Credible to many readers and they have always been satisfied by their low rates. Saving on student loan interest = more money to invest! Definitely, start your student loan refinance search on Credible to see how much you can save in interest.


LendKey – $500 off (at least) using my link

I’ve never used LendKey personally, but I really dig their mission and have friends who have used happily used LendKey. The coolest part about LendKey is that they partner with local credit unions to service your loans – so no big banks, only the small homegrown credit unions on Main Street. 🙂 I can get behind that. If you need to refinance LendKey make it super easy and it doesn’t hurt your credit to check the rates. Check them out.


Metromile – Pay Per Mile Car Insurance (Legit!)

I’ve been using Metromile for the past 3+ years. There is no better car insurance – period. I don’t drive that often and only end up paying about $30 per month. Switching to Metromile helped me save over $600 per year. FREE QUOTE


Bluehost – Launch a blog or website in 10 clicks!

I host this website on Bluehost and use it for many of my client websites as well. I recommend it to anyone who asks me how to start a blog because the pricing is simple and the set-up is super easy (only a few clicks and you are up and running). A few people have reached out commenting on Bluehost page speed issues, but they have been fixing them and are always quick to pick up phone calls to provide support. I recommend Bluehost to all new bloggers or anyone interested in launching a website.


ThemeForest – $5 Premium Website Themes

Don’t pay more than $60 for a new website or awesome website design! ThemeForest is the world’s largest premium WordPress theme marketplace. Most of the themes come with awesome support and are super easy to implement. I’ve been shopping on ThemeForest since 2010.


99 Designs – Custom Logos and Designs (crowdsourced)

I used 99 designs to get the logo for Millennial Money and have used the service 4 other times over the years. It’s awesome. The reason I love it is because it allows users to run “design contests” and get mock-ups from ton of designers around the world. For Millennial Money I received over 75 logo submissions and then I could work with as many of them as I wanted to refine their designs. I chose 3 designers and worked with them to get closer to what I wanted – I also shared designs with my friends to comment on through the platform. In the end you ONLY have to pay if you select a winning design. Super cool. Highly recommended for logos or any other design projects for your business.

ConvertKit – Best Email Marketing Tool. Period.

I have been using ConvertKit since 2016 and have seen an almost 200% increase in my email list subscribers since starting to use the platform. The best thing about ConvertKit is that it was built for bloggers by bloggers. It has simple form builders, landing page builders, and the best subscriber segmentation I have seen. I was a little worried moving my email list over from MailChimp, but it literally took like 2 minutes to migrate with a simple integration provided by ConvertKit. Finally, I also love the ConvertKit private Facebook group and community support they offer. I’ve posted a few questions to the community and always get help almost immediately. ConvertKit definitely have the best customer experience for an online service I have ever received. Highly recommended.


Podbean – The podcast host I use

Podbean is the best podcast host on the market. I chose them specifically because of their analytics capabilities, but love all the features. It’s super easy to connect to iTunes (I was approved in only 2 days!), link to your own URL subdomain, drag and drop episodes and update my feed. I couldn’t recommend them enough. Definitely worth if you plan to launch a podcast.

Legal Zoom – Form Your Company, Protect Your Trademark, Speak with an Attorney

I have been using Legal Zoom for at least the past 6 years and used their services to form two companies, file trademarks, and consult with an attorney through their subscription service. The platform is super easy to use and they make sure you don’t miss anything when filing legal paperwork. If you sign up for an advantage membership you also get access to tons of legal templates you can use (I found the NDA and partnership documents particularly helpful). Finally, they have an awesome network of attorneys and you can book an unlimited number of 30 minute consults for about $30/month. They are a lot more affordable than hiring a big law office and Legal Zoom’s lawyers have always gone above and beyond for me.

FreshBooks – Easy Cloud Based Invoice & Accounting Software (Free Trial)

I use Fresh Books to manage my business invoices and to help with my business accounting. I use it on both on my phone, iPad, and computer seamlessly. It’s super simple to use and they are always adding new features. Save time billing and get paid faster. I’ve been super happy with Fresh Books – it’s definitely worth checking out.

SEMRush – The Best SEO/SEM Research Tool

I have been using SEMRush (the paid version) for over 4 years for all of my digital marketing and SEO work. It is the best SEO and competitive intelligence tool available – period. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

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