45 Awesome Ways To Make Money In College

45 Awesome Ways To Make Money In College

Thomas Minter

Thomas Minter

In just under three years, Thomas eliminated $80,000 student loan debt by house hacking and saving 50% of his income. He works for a large engineering firm, lives in the Bay Area and is addicted to Personal Capital
Thomas Minter

I think you’ll agree when I say this – going to college is very financially-draining.

Thanks to skyrocketing tuition costs, an average student leaves college with a student loan debt of $37,172. This means that collectively Americans are burdened by $1.5 trillion in student loan debts! That’s a lot of money, right?

Add other expenses like textbooks, food, and spending money – and, if you don’t find ways to make money in college, your financial situation will be pretty miserable when you graduate.

But don’t worry, because I’ve listed 45 real ways to make money in college – without having to miss a class!


45 awesome ways to make money in college


I think you’ll agree when I say, college is very financially-draining. I’ve listed 45 ways to make money in college – without having to miss a class!


Ready to make some dosh to get you through the semester? Read on!


1. Private tutor


Do you have serious subject-specific knowledge? Private tutoring is a great way to make money by helping others with subjects you’re a pro at. Once you’ve put together a good pitch, advertise your services on notice boards, online forums, Facebook groups – or sites like Gumtree.


2. Teaching assistant


Teachers often need assistance with tasks like grading assignments, doing research, or helping with admin. Have a look for TA jobs on campus.


3. Library assistant


Paid homework time. Need we say more?


4. Campus ambassador


Becoming a campus ambassador is a fantastic way to earn money by representing your campus – and helping new students. Plus, the job is pretty diverse, and you could be doing anything from road trips to giving talks ad job fairs!


5. Research assistant


Do you enjoy gathering and analyzing data? Ever thought about becoming a research assistant at your campus? Speak to professors or check out on-campus job boards for potential opportunities.


6. Campus security


Another way to make a decent bit of money without leaving the campus! And if there are no job openings at your college – you could always try and look for security guard jobs off-campus.


7. Campus IT support


Are you a bit of a wizard when it comes to solving computer crashes? Then you could probably get a job as an IT support assistant on-campus.


8. Resume writer


Lots of students need help with writing good resumes! And even if this isn’t your area of expertise, there’s plenty of information online on how to become a pro at writing impeccable resumes.


9. Dorm resident assistant


Do you think you’d enjoy supervising and overseeing a floor in your college dorm? You don’t typically get paid, but you could get a ton of perks like a dorm room for free and a partial or total meal plan!


10. Barista


Working at a college coffee shop is a great option – you’ll earn money while getting to know fellow students!


11. User testing


Companies create new websites all the time – and they need people like you to test them. Check out UserTesting.com for testing jobs.


12. Transcription


Are you a quick typer? Check out sites like GoTranscript or TranscribeAnywhere to find transcribing jobs.


13. Freelance writing


Do you enjoy writing? Companies constantly need copywriters! Check out sites like Freelancer or ProBlogger for jobs. Most clients will want to see a portfolio (which is super easy and FREE to create on sites like JournoPortfolio)!


14. Graphic design work


If you’ve done and enjoyed graphic design, check out sites like 99designs, Upwork or PeoplePerHour, where you could find design work.


15. Do gigs on Fiverr


Are you good at programming? Or maybe you know how to give Tinder profile a major makeover? You can probably find work on Fiverr, then.


16. Be a virtual assistant


Do you like organizing, booking tickets, and doing other admin tasks? It sounds like you’ll love being a virtual assistant!


17. Sell your craft on Etsy


People love unique, handmade stuff. If you’re into crafts – you could be making good money on Etsy!


18. Data entry


You don’t need any complex skills to become a data entry clerk – all you need is a computer and decent typing skills. Sites like Indeed have many data entry jobs up for grabs.


19. Market research


Yup, you can make some money by completing surveys – but did you know you could earn so much more by taking part in focus groups? Look for adverts on campus – or check out companies like Elevated Insights.


20. Design t-shirts and sell them on Shopify


Starting a t-shirt selling business with sites like Shopify is inexpensive – and can bring great rewards. If you’re good at coming up with funny sayings – or think you can create a design people will love, then – what are you waiting for?!


21. Start a blog


This one is one of my favorites. Check out these 10 reasons why you should become a student blogger!

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22. Web design and development


Do you have web design and development skills? There are plenty of people out there who need websites, you know.


23. Create an app


Think you could come up with a cool idea for an app? Do you have programming skills? Create an app and sell it on the App Store!


24. Launch an online course


Do you have skills that others could benefit from? Maybe you know how to write killer essays, or memorize dates? With sites like Udemy, launching an online course is easier than it sounds.


25. Sell your old college papers


Did you know you could sell your old college papers on sites like GradeSaver $100?


26. Sell your textbooks


Chances are, you’ve paid a lot for your textbooks – so why not sell them on sites like TextbookRush, and get some of that money back?


27. Do translation work


Do you speak another language? Live Translation could be an excellent place to start as a translator.


28. Sell your photography


If you’re into photography and have a decent camera, you could be making money by selling your shots on sites like iStockPhoto or Shutterstock.


29. Sell your notes


Are you good at taking notes in class? Many campuses will have note-selling services – or you can sell them online on sites like StudySoup.


30. Become a social media manager


Do you have a thriving social media page? Know how to create a social media post that gets tons of likes? Then you could become a social media manager and help companies grow their online communities! There’s a lot of free info online about how to get started – and you can find jobs on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

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Jobs for college students who have a car


31. TaskRabbit


People post their jobs on TaskRabbit (like doing someone’s grocery shopping, picking up lunch, etc.) – and you apply to do them, then get paid. Easy!


32. Uber


Become an Uber driver and make some dough driving people around in your spare time!


33. UberEats


Same thing as Uber – but you can start at the age of 19, instead of 21. Plus, some cities allow bicycle delivery – so you may be able to do this even if you don’t own a car!


34. Lyft


Lyft is an alternative to Uber – but ride rates tend to be a little higher.


35. Postmates


On-demand delivery services are super popular right now! According to the company, you can earn up to $25 an hour delivering items with Postmates.


36. Seamless


Seamless is a similar concept to UberEats – you’ll deliver food to people’s homes from local restaurants.


37. Rent your car


Rent your car on sites like Turo – a great way to make some money without moving a finger!


38. Become a front desk associate at a local gym


This is great because many places offer free classes to their employees, or allow them to use gym facilities!


39. Become a dog walker

Love dogs? Awesome! Dog walking is a surprisingly profitable job you can do in your spare time. Check out sites like DogVacay for dog walking jobs.


40. Housesit


Housesitting is a classic way to make money in college – and you thought we wouldn’t mention it! Live in someone else’s home and get paid – it’s the dream, right? Find housesitting gigs on sites like MindMyHouse.


41. Take part in medical tests


Taking part in clinical trials is an interesting way to make money. You’ll learn lots, meet new people and get to earn money at the same time! Look out for opportunities on-campus, or visit sites like CenterWatch.


42. Become a pet sitter


Hanging out with furry friends and getting paid? Sounds like an awesome job! Check out Sittercity to find people who need a pet sitter.


43. Catering


Working for a catering company is a good job for college students because they usually need more staff on weekends. Check out Craiglist for catering jobs.


44. Work in retail


If there are shops around your college, working in a shop could be a great way to make some cash and gain some work experience!


45. Become a TV or movie extra


We’ve saved the best for last! Want to fill the backgrounds of movie and TV shows – and get paid? Become an extra! Find a local casting agency to sign up.


The final word on making money in college


Working through college is a great way to reduce the amount of debt you have after graduating – plus gain some work experience before you enter the “real world”

There are so many ways you can make money in college – and I hope this list helps you pick the ones that work best for you.

Remember – you got this.



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Thomas Minter
Thomas Minter

In just under three years, Thomas eliminated $80,000 student loan debt by house hacking and saving 50% of his income. He works for a large engineering firm, lives in the Bay Area and is addicted to Personal Capital

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