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Pinecone Research is a market research platform where you can earn points and other rewards in exchange for taking surveys.

As one of the older survey platforms around, Pinecone Research is a legitimate way to make a few extra bucks online—and you won’t even need to change out of your pajamas to make it happen.

If you’re wondering whether or not Pinecone Research is worth your time, I’ve got you covered.

This post is going to discuss how you can make money on Pinecone Research, the pros and cons of being a member, and answer some commonly asked questions so you can determine whether it makes sense to sign up and give it a whirl.

What is Pinecone Research?

Pinecone Research is an online survey platform owned by Nielsen Holdings, which is one of the largest market research companies in the world.

You might have heard the term “Nielsen ratings” before. That’s because the company is most commonly known for measuring consumer engagement across TV, newspapers, and the radio (these days, it’s mainly TV).

What’s more, Nielsen has over 45,000 employees operating in over 100 countries, and the company generated over $6.5 billion in revenue in 2018.


As a Pinecone Research member, you’ll have access to exclusive market research surveys that you can take online at your leisure.

You will also receive survey invitations via email.

Each survey that you interact with generates points in your Pinecone Research account. Once you earn enough points, you’ll have the option to redeem them for an old-fashioned check or an online gift card.


Pinecone Research is 100% free to sign up. There are no monthly membership fees or other costs of any kind.

That said, Pinecone’s holding company Nielsen is probably monetizing every answer that you provide. As they say, when a service is free, you’re likely to use the product.

Signing Up

At the time of this writing, it appears that Pinecone Research is not open to new registrations on their general website. Still, I see sign-up links on other websites that take you to this signup form.

Once you find the right sign-up location, you just have to fill out your basic personal details like you would on any other survey site.

Pinecone also asks more detailed personal questions at the bottom of this form that appear to be designed to link with targeted paid survey opportunities on the back end. For example, you can disclose your ethnic background, whether you are Hispanic, and if you handle grocery shopping in your household.

It also appears that Pinecone Research asks questions for compliance purposes that might actually disqualify you from receiving specific surveys. If you happen to work for a market research or pharmaceutical company, for example, they probably wouldn’t send you surveys related to those verticals.

It makes sense, but it limits your money-making opportunities.


I do not see anything on the Pinecone Research website that talks about robust security or data protection protocols. The company does, however, appear to use SSL encryption, so at least they have some security measures in place.

There is also a security notice on the website that warns customers of potential scams. It appears that bad actors have used the Pinecone Research brand in the past to scam people on Facebook (where the company doesn’t have a presence) with false promises for money. Not cool!

Now is a good a time as any to remind you to be extra careful when you come across any money-making opportunity on the internet. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Customer Support

Pinecone Research doesn’t offer phone or chat support. There is a FAQ section where you can find answers to some commonly asked questions. Let’s hope whatever is on your mind has been on the minds of many other folks before!

Pinecone Research can be contacted through snail mail at the following address:

Pinecone Research
250 E 5th St
Ste 1000
Cincinnati, OH 45202-4127

What is snail mail, you might ask? Well, back in the day, people used to actually write letters by hand, put them in paper envelopes, and drop them into mailboxes. Then a post office employee would pick them up, and they’d be physically taken to their destination. (I kid, I kid!)

You can also submit your request through their website.

To be honest, I’m a little surprised by the lack of customer support options. One might think that its holding company Nielsen—which pulls in upwards of $6 billion in revenue every year—might invest a little more to bolster its customer support. Better customer support would probably also improve its abysmal BBB rating. But I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles!

Pros and Cons


  • Legit market research platform that’s been around for decades
  • Decent points redemption options; get paid by check, Paypal, or gift cards


  • Outdated site; Nielsen does not appear very invested in Pinecone Research
  • Limited customer support compared to other companies
  • Poor BBB ratings, with lots of subpar customer reviews

Alternatives to Pinecone Research

If you’re looking for similar market research panel platforms, check these out:

Pinecone Research FAQs

Is Pinecone Research Legit?

Yes. Pinecone Research is a legit survey website. However, it doesn’t have the best reviews. For example, the company has an F-rating from the Better Business Bureau, and an ‘Average’ rating of 3.5 stars on Trustpilot. In full disclosure, these are some of the lower ratings I’ve seen, so you might consider taking your survey business elsewhere if customer reviews are an important consideration for you—like they are for most people.

How Much Can You Make From Pinecone Research?

The amount of money you make depends on the number of surveys you qualify for and how many you complete. That said, don’t expect to get rich taking surveys on Pinecone Research—or any other survey website for that matter. I would guess your true earning potential is going to be around $50, give or take, depending on the surveys you are matched with. And that’s if you’re lucky!

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How Do I Join Pinecone Research?

You need to sign up through an email invitation or if you are targeted with an online ad. As I mentioned earlier, Pinecone Research does not appear to be accepting new members at this time, which very well could be a seasonal thing, where they simply don’t need more panelists. Or it could be because they’re maxed out with users. If you really want to sign up, I suggest checking back now and again to see if they’ve opened enrollment. Sooner or later, you might get lucky.

How Long Do Pinecone Surveys Take?

Pinecone’s surveys can take anywhere from a few minutes to a half-hour or more. It depends on the length of the survey and on the level of detail required, as well as how quickly you move through them.

Is Pinecone Research Worth My Time?

Are you a survey fanatic who loves taking surveys at home and getting paid for sharing your opinion? If so, then yes, Pinecone Research is probably worth your time and could be a good side hustle for you. Pinecone is a legit survey panel website that’s backed by one of the largest market research firms in the world, Nielsen.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a ton of extra time on your hands and if you genuinely value your time for every penny that it’s worth, Pinecone Research (and its alternatives) are probably not going to provide you with the most satisfying experience.

The journey to financial independence contains many distractions. At the same time, it provides many legitimate financial opportunities. By doing your research and trusting your gut instincts, you will be prepared to make the best decisions based on your unique situation.

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  • Comment Author image blank Dan says:

    Long time participant with Pinecone Research who lost over 18,000 points when the points were “withdrawn” by Pinecone. I used to receive regular survey invitations and after not receiving any for a period of time, I tried to log on to my account only to find that it was deactivated by Pinecone and my points deleted without any warning or notification.

    Pinecone used to be a a fun and easy way to earn points that could be easily redeemed, but the customer service is obviously subpar. Survey invitations are fewer and less frequent now than before.

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