Side Hustles for Introverts that Pay Well

Whether you want a passive income or are looking for more active work, there are many side hustles for introverts that pay good money.

Freelancing is a great way to make money as an introvert without having too much communication. If you’re an introvert, think about what you love to do, and you can likely create a business.

To help you get started, I’ve outlined some of the top side hustle ideas for introverts below.

21 Side Hustles for Introverts

Here are the best side hustles for introverts that will help you work comfortably, while also furthering your financial goals.

1. Make Food or Grocery Deliveries

Delivering food is a good side hustle for introverts who don’t mind leaving the house. You still get to work alone and spend most of your time in the car. If you offer excellent customer service, you can make decent tips with food delivery, whether you deliver groceries or restaurant food.

How It Works:

Customers buy their food on the food delivery apps, whether it’s a customer buying groceries or ordering dinner at a local restaurant. When you’re working, you can accept available orders, pick them up, and deliver them to the customer. The service and the customer will pay you.

There are many options for food and grocery delivery, but the most common apps I recommend are:

  • Instacart – You shop for customers’ groceries, communicate with them via the app with questions, and deliver the food to their doorstep.
  • UberEats – You pick up a customer’s already ordered restaurant food and deliver it to them promptly.
  • Doordash – Like UberEats, you pick up your customer’s order from a restaurant and deliver it to them. Provide them with excellent customer service, and they’ll likely tip you for your service.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great side hustle for introverts. If you have excellent grammar and a passion for writing, you can write blog posts, ebooks, sales copy, and much more. In addition, you can work as a ghostwriter or request bylines as a freelance writer.

How It Works:

To make money online doing freelance writing, you must decide what you’ll write. For example, do you want to help a company keep up their blog, and write website content, or would you like to focus on books and longer-written material?

The options for freelance writing are endless. You can write for others or start your own blog. In addition, you can make money blogging by monetizing the blog with affiliate links and selling products on your site.

3. Take Online Surveys

Companies want to know what society thinks of their products and services, and the best way to find out is with online surveys. Brands use market research companies to find consumers to take surveys and tell companies how they’re doing.

Answering surveys can be a great side hustle for a little extra money.

How It Works:

There are hundreds of options to sign up online for taking surveys. First, you complete a profile so the market research company can find people from the right demographic to ask questions about a particular product or service. For example, if a company sells diapers, the market research company would look for moms of babies to answer online surveys.

Survey companies pay consumers $1 to $100 for taking surveys. The pay depends on the length of the survey.

  • Swagbucks – Earn Swagbucks for answering surveys and turning your SBs into cash or gift cards to your favorite stores.
  • Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie is one of the largest market research companies. They pay you points for answering surveys, and you can convert your points to cash or e-gift cards.
  • MyPoints – Earn points for answering surveys and turn your points into cash or gift cards.

4. Gaming (Test Video Games & Game Apps)

Yes, you can make money online by playing video games and testing them. Companies want your feedback about the games, or they want people playing them, so they increase their exposure and potentially make more money. This is a good side hustle for anyone who enjoys gaming and minimal human interaction.

How It Works:

To get paid to play games, you must sign up with an app (or a few) to test games or play them. Most offer free game downloads that, when you play, you earn money.

In addition, some sites require you to beat a certain level, and others monitor the amount of time you play, paying you based on the time spent on it. For example, Swagbucks allows you to earn ‘SBs’ or Swagbucks for playing free games, and turn your SBs into cash or gift cards.

5. Test Products at Home

One of the best side hustles for introverts is to test products at home. Not only do you make money from testing products, but you get to try new products without spending any money. For example, you might test products like makeup, toys, writing utensils, or electronics.

You might not get to keep the more expensive items you try, but most companies offer a deal for you to buy them for a significant discount.

How It Works:

To get paid to test products, you must sign up with a few companies and complete your profile. They are often looking for people in specific demographics when they need testers. If you’re interested in the offer they send, respond quickly because they are usually first come, first serve.

  • Opinion Inn – Along with online surveys, Opinion Inn often has opportunities to test products and report back, paying you for your time.
  • Ipsos i-Say – This is one of the largest survey companies, but they also have opportunities to test products and provide honest reviews.

6. Graphic Design

If you have an eye for design, consider offering graphic design services as a side hustle. You can design websites, social media pages, banners, logos, printables, and many other things.

How It Works:

As a graphic designer, you can set up your own gig, set your rates, and determine what services you’ll offer. You may have to talk to clients periodically, typically through email, but sometimes a phone conversation may be necessary, so make sure this is a good side hustle for you.

  • Fiverr – Create a gig on Fiverr that details the services you’ll offer, your rates, and turnaround time. You communicate with buyers via a messaging portal on Fiverr and can complete the projects without talking to anyone.
  • Upwork – Create a gig on Upwork and bid on work as it comes in, but know that you’re competing against other graphic designers on the platform.

7. Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

Many introverts love animals, so why not make money doing something you love? Pet sitting and dog walking are the best side hustles for introverts.

You decide what services you’ll offer and where you’ll offer them. For example, where will you watch pets if you watch them? How often will you walk the dogs? Then, think about what you’ll offer and advertise your services.

How It Works:

To have a pet-sitting side hustle, you set your rates, hours, and what you’ll do. If you want to be a dog walker or pet sitter, word-of-mouth is the best way to advertise your services. Clients can pay you cash directly, or you can work through an app if you want help promoting your services.

Rover is a great app to get matched with pet owners in your area. Create a listing that showcases your experience with animals and why pet owners should choose you. All communication can go through the app, and you can feel safe that you’ll get paid. Rover even tracks your GPS to prove you walked the dog in case there is any question.

8. House Cleaning

If you love cleaning, get paid for it as a full-time job or side hustle. You can clean houses, apartments, or even office buildings when no one is around, so you have the place to yourself and can get in your groove doing what you love. This is one of the best side hustles for introverts because it pays well, and you are left alone.

How It Works:

You choose what you’ll clean, how often, and what you’ll charge. You’re the boss, and the only other people you have to deal with are your clients. Set yourself up on a regular schedule with your clients; it becomes a great side job you can do without interacting with anyone.

To get a house cleaning business, consider advertising your services on your social media pages or in your neighborhood’s local group. For example, if your area is on the Neighbor app, advertise there or have your neighbors spread the word. A good house cleaner is always in high demand, so making money should be easy.

9. Proofreading and Editing

You can get paid to edit content as a side hustle if you have excellent grammar and editing skills. Then, you decide what services you’ll offer, whether you’ll just markup a document as a proofreader or edit the mistakes and be an editor.

How It Works:

You choose what services you’ll offer and how much you’ll charge. You can start your own gig or work for a third-party app that assigns jobs to you. Either way, you get paid for your time as an editor and don’t have to worry about communicating.

  • ProofreadingPal – If you have a college degree and experience in proofreading, consider ProofreadingPal. Their editors make as much as $3,000 a month.
  • Gramlee – Complete an application to be a proofreader at Gramlee. They get many applications, so it could be a while before you hear back.
  • Fiverr – Start your own gig on Fiverr. You create a listing and pricing, and buyers can purchase your services. You communicate through the Fiverr app, so you never have to talk to anyone.

10. Flip Items for Profit

A flipping side hustle means you buy something for less than it’s worth and sell it for a profit. Of course, you’ll need some capital to make this work because you need to buy the product to flip it, but if you have an eye for deals, it can be a great way to make money in your spare time.

How It Works:

To make money flipping products, you must find products to buy. Let’s say, for example, that you found an antique table at a flea market. You buy it for a few dollars, fix it up and then flip it, selling it for much more than you paid. This can be a lucrative side hustle to make good money.

The sky’s the limit when working a side hustle flipping items, but furniture and real estate are the most common things to flip. You can go flea market flipping or flip products you find at stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls, selling them for a higher price on Amazon.

11. Watching TV

There are no better side hustle ideas for introverts than watching TV, right? You never have to talk to anyone and can enjoy watching TV while getting paid!

How It Works:

When you get paid to watch TV or videos, you watch company ads. Sometimes they ask you to sign up for a free trial to get the points or cash, and other times they ask you to answer a few questions.

Only accept what you’re comfortable with and know that you won’t make a full-time income doing it, but you can make extra cash watching TV.

  • Swagbucks – Earn SBs to watch videos and accept offers
  • InboxDollars – Earn points for watching videos, and even more points if you accept the offers in them

12. Reading Emails

Brands pay consumers to read their emails because it gets their ads in front of more people. However, to get paid to read emails, you must actually read them and click on the link within the email to prove that you did so.

How It Works:

You won’t get rich reading emails, but it can be some nice extra money. You might earn more money if you accept the offers in the email. Just make sure you cancel any free trials before you get charged.

  • InboxDollars – This is how InboxDollars started, by sending emails to consumers to read. Today you can make money online in other ways, but they still pay you to read emails.
  • Swagbucks – Add reading emails to your Swagbucks tasks, and you’ll have more Swagbucks than you thought possible rather quickly.
  • MyPoints – Answer surveys and read emails from MyPoints, and you’ll have higher payouts quickly.

13. Reading and Reviewing Books

If you are a bookworm, ramp it up and get paid for it! Those cozy days on the couch can be even more rewarding now. I consider reading and reviewing books one of the best side hustles for introverts because it gives them the best of both worlds.

How It Works:

Each company works a little differently, but the main premise is they provide you with a book; you read it and write a review. New authors love this service because it gets their name out faster, and they’ll know what others think of their book before making it public.

  • – Most readers receive one book a month and must write a 300-word review on the book to get paid.
  • Booklist – If you can write a 150 – 175 word review on books that are lighthearted and thoughtful, consider applying with Booklist.

14. Sell Products Online

If you’re crafty or have room for inventory to sell items, such as boutique clothing, consider selling products online. You decide what you’ll sell, how, and how much you’ll charge. Online businesses are popular today, so it’s a great way to earn money. You can even sell an online course you’ve created.

How It Works:

You can sell almost anything online, including homemade items, antiques, clothing, toys, and even printable or digital items.


  • Etsy – If you have unique clothing, accessories, homemade items, or printables, open an Etsy store and advertise your products.
  • Amazon – You can sell just about anything on Amazon today. Before you sign up, check out what others sell that might be similar to your products to see if they sell.
  • eBay – Open an eBay store and sell your items either for a fixed price or for more popular items, consider an auction listing.

15. Sell Stock Photos

If you love photography, why not sell your photos for money? Making money online is easy when you are an amazing photographer. Capture beautiful pictures and sell them online as stock photos.

How It Works:

You can sell stock photos as many times as you want. You don’t have to print or ship anything. However, when buyers purchase the picture, they are responsible for printing it. This gives you a form of passive income while fulfilling your passions.

  • iStockPhoto – Choose your best 3 to 6 photos to send to iStockPhoto to see if they’ll pick you to sell your photos on their site. It’s an exclusive site where you’ll have a good online side hustle if you make it in.
  • Shutterstock – It takes only a few minutes to create a free Shutterstock account, and you can immediately begin uploading stock photos for sale.
  • Bigstock – Sign up for a Bigstock account and upload your photos. They will review them, and once approved, you can make money on your photos.

16. Transcription

If you can type fast and are an introvert, consider a side hustle as a transcriptionist. You turn audio files into written content. You need good grammar; the quicker you can type, the more money you’ll make.

How It Works:

You can transcribe documents in general or legal and medical fields. Of course, you’ll need specific training to transcribe for the legal or medical industry, but anyone can transcribe general documents.

To work for a transcriptionist company, you must pass a background check and typing test.

  • QuickTate – Sign up for an account and take the quiz to see if you have what it takes to be a transcriber for QuickTate.
  • Scribie – Earn $5 to $20 per audio hour and enjoy their automated transcripts to make your job easier.
  • Rev – Transcribers earn around $245 a month with Rev and get paid weekly. It’s an excellent company for beginners.

17. Video and Audio Editing

If you have a knack for video and audio editing, you can help companies perfect their marketing and training materials. In addition, you can edit video and audio for SEO or regular content issues, creating good video and audio for companies.

How It Works:

You need a computer, internet connection, and any necessary software to edit video and audio content. Then, you decide what services you’ll offer and how much you’ll charge. This can even turn into a full-time gig for you.

Your best bet is to network with your own industry and start a gig on sites like Fiverr. Video and audio editing are highly sought-after, and specialized skills are in high demand.

18. Virtual Assistant

Business owners need help running their business, but often it’s quiet work like bookkeeping, managing social media accounts, or freelance writing. That is where virtual assistant services come in. This is one of the best side hustles for introverts because you don’t have to do a lot of communication, but you can significantly help a business owner.

How It Works:

You choose what services you’ll offer. For example, if you have bookkeeping skills, writing skills, or are good at basic administrative skills and keeping a business organized, you can offer the skills you have.

Set up your own virtual assistant business and offer your services on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. You can also set up your own Facebook and Instagram page and advertise in networking groups to get more business.

19. Virtual Bookkeeper

You can run your own bookkeeping business right from your home. It’s a great way to keep doing what you love without having to interact too much. These side hustles for introverts can make you a full-time income if you have enough clients.

How It Works:

You choose how you want to run your business. You can work for one company or have several clients. Some virtual bookkeepers have their own businesses, and others run gigs on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

You can make as much as $60 an hour as a virtual bookkeeper. Advertise your services and even let old clients know what you’re doing if you’ve gone off on your own.

20. Walking or Exercising

It sounds crazy to get paid to exercise, but some apps pay you to do just that. Most of the apps are owned by health insurance companies and other businesses vested in society getting healthy.

How It Works:

You choose your challenge and then ‘bet against yourself.’ The bet is supposed to motivate you to stick to your plan and reach your health and fitness goals.

  • Sweatcoin – Earn ‘sweatcoins’ for your exercises and trade them for prizes and cash.
  • HealthyWage – Bet against yourself or join a team and try a team challenge. You win money if you meet your goals.

21. Website Developer

Companies need your services if you’re good with computers and can create websites. Whether you just set up websites or maintain them, you can make good money in your spare time or even turn it into a full-time job.

How It Works:

You can work from the comfort of your own home, creating beautiful websites for companies. Choose what services you offer and how much you’ll charge clients. You can provide one-time services or subscriptions.

Advertise your services within your network or branch out and set up gigs on Fiverr or Upwork. Make sure you charge competitive rates and get paid what you’re worth for your graphic design services.

In-Person vs. Remote Side Jobs for Introverts

If you’re an introvert, you might prefer to work side gigs from home versus in-person. While there are plenty of side hustles for introverts in person, you still have to be out in public and doing your job. For some, it works, and for others, they’d rather be at home and completely alone.

You might earn more money working an in-person side hustle because most jobs earn a flat fee plus tips, but there are some high-paying remote hustle ideas too.


How Much Can You Make with Side Hustles for Introverts?

Side hustles for introverts can pay well when you put your mind to it. Small side hustles like taking online surveys, for example, will only pay around $100 a month, giving you a little extra money. However, more complicated side hustles like freelance writing or graphic design can bring in thousands of dollars per month.

What Are the Highest Paying Side Gigs for Introverts?

Some of the best high-paying jobs for introverts are graphic design and video editing. Of course, anything that has to do with technology typically pays well, but you can make good money doing just about anything as a freelancer if you put your mind to it.

Do Introverts Earn More on Average?

Introverts are often hard workers because they don’t get distracted socializing with others. They have the potential to make more when they work hard and create profitable side hustles for introverts.

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