Surveytime Review: Legit or Waste of Time?

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Overall, Surveytime is the best fit for survey-takers looking for quick cash. Rewards sites typically require some patience, and instant payments are almost unheard of, making Surveytime an interesting contender. It's also one of the only survey sites I've seen that pays out via Bitcoin. So, if that’s important to you, signing up for Surveytime is a no-brainer.


  • Instant Payouts
  • Plenty of Surveys
  • Easy to Use Platform
  • Impressive List of Payout Options


  • No Sign-Up Bonus
  • No Customer Support
  • Low Earning Potential

Surveytime logo

If you’re familiar with online survey sites, you know that each one comes with its share of pros and cons.

Though most of them are free and easy to use, one of the main drawbacks is the threshold you need to reach to cash out. After all, the last thing you want is to spend hours taking surveys only to find out you need to put in even more time to get paid.

Enter Surveytime, an online survey site that enables you to enjoy instant payments each time you complete an online survey.

This post provides a full overview of Surveytime and all of its features. Keep reading to learn more about how this site compares to other options so you can make the call on whether it’s worth your time.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is Surveytime?

Surveytime is a relatively new market research platform that’s been around since 2018. It’s owned by, a global ad tech company.

Unlike most other survey sites, Surveytime focuses its user experience entirely on paid survey opportunities. There aren’t any other earnings options that would typically be found with its competitors (e.g., watching ads, playing games, or reading emails).

Surveytime offers free accounts and it’s super easy to set one up. While most competing sites require users to be 18 or older and are located in the U.S., Surveytime is open to anyone, anywhere.

Whether you live in New York City or are a digital nomad, you can use this platform to make money online.

How Surveytime Works

Surveytime is incredibly simple and easy to use.

Start by answering a few qualifying questions when you sign up. The system uses your responses to match you with relevant services for your demographic. The onboarding questionnaire takes about eight minutes to complete, so you shouldn’t have to spend too much time getting up and running.

Once that’s done, you’ll see your available survey opportunities right on your account dashboard. Most new members should see as many as 20 options right off the bat. As you complete the available surveys in your dashboard, new opportunities will continue to populate.

With Surveytime, you’ll earn $1 for every completed survey — no matter what. This feature is unique because most other sites weigh payouts based on how long a survey takes to finish.

For example, when a survey takes 30 minutes to complete on Survey Junkie, you’ll earn a higher payout than you would from completing a survey that only takes five minutes.

By far, the coolest feature of Surveytime is that you don’t have to wait to get paid. In other words, there isn’t a payout threshold, so each dollar you earn is immediately sent to you.

Surveytime Features

Online Surveys

Surveytime offers a wide variety of surveys that cover different market research topics.

As you look through your available options, you’ll see that each has a different topic. For instance, there are surveys about the types of entertainment you enjoy to the types of commercials and advertisements that you prefer to see.

In your dashboard, you can see how many other people have completed a survey and how long it’s going to take. Given that each one pays a buck, my advice is to pick off the low-hanging fruit first (i.e., the shorter surveys).

However, you won’t qualify for every survey because of the targeting requirements. Each one starts with an introductory questionnaire and, unfortunately, your answers could lead to disqualification if you don’t meet the target profile.

Also, be on the lookout for trick questions. Surveytime sneaks them in to ensure that members aren’t just clicking at random and trying to game the system.

Instant Payments

The most attractive thing about Surveytime is the way it handles payments.

Usually, survey sites pay out less than a dollar for survey completions. When you finish a survey, your earnings amount adds to your rewards balance in your account.

But before you can access that money, you need to reach a payout threshold — which is typically around $10. Once you hit that threshold, you can request payment and start the process all over again.

With Surveytime, earning money is much more streamlined. Each survey pays $1 no matter how long it takes. Plus, you don’t have to wait around for your money. It’s yours right away.

Surveytime offers instant payouts through your chosen payment option. Here’s a look at the different ways that you can collect your earnings:

  • Transfer to your PayPal account
  • Receive a Target gift card
  • Receive an Amazon gift card
  • Get paid Bitcoin (to a linked Coinbase account)

If you’re looking for quick money, the selection of payment methods makes Surveytime hard to beat. I know that $1 might not seem like a lot, but it can start to stack up within a few hours on the site — and most sites pay less.

Best of all, Surveytime rewards are unlimited, so you can take as many surveys as you want.


Thankfully, there’s no cost whatsoever for using Surveytime. This is pretty standard for rewards sites, and any site that does charge a fee is likely a scam.

That said, when people ask me about survey sites, I always say the same thing: The cost of using any of these platforms is your time.

Fortunately, it’s really easy to figure out how much you’re making with Surveytime. Since each survey pays the same rate, you can quickly calculate your hourly wage. From there, it’ll be easy to weigh your time against the money on the table.

Getting Started

Surveytime’s sign-up process is simple. To create a Surveytime account, simply go to the Surveytime website and enter your email address.

A little bit later, you’ll get a confirmation email in your inbox, and you can opt into email notifications for new surveys.

Once your account is confirmed, you can get started with your initial questionnaire. It can take up to eight minutes and covers general personal information (e.g., your gender, ethnic background, earnings amount, homeownership status, and so on).

When the questionnaire is complete, you’re ready to take your first survey and start earning.


Surveytime is far from the only site of its kind. There are several great survey platforms that will reward you for your opinions. Here are a few of our favorites:


With Surveytime, you’re voluntarily sharing personal opinions and information for market research purposes. This might feel like a risk at first. But all of that information is aggregated for companies to understand a particular demographic. That being the case, you don’t need to worry about anyone knowing too much about you, specifically.

Overall, Surveytime is considered a low-risk platform. You don’t need to share sensitive information, like bank accounts or Social Security numbers, to use it. At worst, you might get more spam in your inbox than you’d like.

Customer Support

If you’re looking for super-involved customer support, you won’t find it with Surveytime. Unfortunately, its website has no phone number, email address, or self-help request portal.

A minimalist approach like this isn’t uncommon with survey sites. These platforms are relatively intuitive, and there isn’t a huge need for dedicated reps. That said, it’s something to consider if you’re worried about payments reaching your account.

Fortunately, Surveytime seems to be doing things the right way. The site currently has a 4.5-star rating (out of 5) on more than 8,500 Trustpilot reviews. That’s impressive, as it’s one of the better Trustpilot ratings that I’ve seen across all survey sites.

Pros & Cons


  • Instant payouts
  • An impressive list of payout options
  • Simple, easy-to-use platform
  • Plenty of surveys


  • No customer support
  • Low earning potential
  • No sign-up bonus
  • No referral bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Surveytime legit?

Yes, Surveytime is a legitimate rewards platform. It has more than 12,400 reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4.4 out of 5 and seems to be one of the more well-liked survey sites on the market today.

Does Surveytime really pay?

Yes. Though some members have reported that instant payments can be inconsistent at times, the general consensus is that Surveytime fulfills its payments.

How do you get paid on Surveytime?

You can request your payments through your PayPal account or opt for Amazon or Target gift cards. You can even get paid in Bitcoin if you have a Coinbase account.

Is Surveytime Right for You?

Overall, Surveytime is the best fit for survey-takers looking for quick cash. Rewards sites typically require some patience, and instant payments are almost unheard of, making Surveytime an interesting contender.

It’s also one of the only survey sites I’ve seen that pays out via Bitcoin. So, if that’s important to you, signing up for Surveytime is a no-brainer.

That said, if you’re planning to use Surveytime to make money online, it’s important to manage your expectations. Surveys often net less than minimum wage, so even consistent survey-takers won’t make a killing.

The main draw is convenience. You can take a survey from anywhere with WiFi, and they don’t take much effort to complete.

As you browse around for money-making opportunities, remember that your time is valuable — and financial freedom awaits those who maximize their earning potential. Until next time, I’ll be rooting for you each step of the way.

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