How to Make $800 Fast

Emergencies happen, and before you know it, you need to know how to make 800 dollars fast. The good news is that it’s possible. The bad news is you may have to do multiple tasks for your earnings to add up quickly.

Check out this list of the top ways I’ve found to make 800 dollars fast.

How to Make $800 Dollars Fast

Here are 33 easy ways to make a quick $800:

1. Grocery and Food Delivery

Delivering food can be a great way to make money on your own time. You don’t have to worry about working a specific schedule.

You can make $800 cash fast if you work several shifts for popular food delivery companies, especially during busy times, such as nights and weekends.

Some of the more popular apps to make money delivering food include:

  • DoorDash – This is another food delivery service that pays a flat fee to deliver food, plus you keep 100% of the tips earned. Deliver during ‘peak times’ and make an even higher base fee.
  • Uber Eats – Deliver food for Uber Eats and earn money for delivering restaurant food to customers. Like DoorDash, you make a base fee plus tips.
  • Instacart – This food delivery service pays you to shop for and deliver a customer’s groceries. It takes more time because you do the shopping for them, but you get paid by Instacart and the customer if they choose to tip you.

2. Rent Out Your Space

Use extra space in your home to make money. Whether you have a spare room to rent or an entire house, you can list it on sites and make money. Keep in mind that this isn’t a passive income idea, though. You must make the home presentable and usable for the renters while also creating the listing, setting the rent price, and deciding what you will include with the rent.

The best place to rent out space is Airbnb. It’s the largest marketplace for single rooms, single-family rental properties, and condo units for people vacationing or traveling for business. Renting out your space is a great way to make money in real estate investing with little capital.

3. Blogging

Blogging may help you reach your goal of making 800 dollars; when you have an established audience, you can make 800 dollars fast.

If you love writing and are passionate about a particular industry or niche, you can make money online by blogging. To make money blogging, you must set up your blog using a web hosting service. Most new bloggers start with Bluehost, but many web hosting services are available.

To make money blogging, here’s what to consider:

  • Choose a niche; for example, don’t write about cooking. Instead, break it down into cooking for busy moms or cooking Italian food – find a niche.
  • Set up your web hosting service and choose a domain name (make it catchy).
  • Use search engine optimization to get the attention of your target audience.
  • Add affiliate links to your blogs from companies that your audience will be interested in, and when they use your link to buy something, you earn money.

4. Cash Back Apps

Cashback apps are a great way to make 800 dollars fast. I like these apps because you make extra money to buy what you need. So whether you buy a household item, clothes, or food, you can earn cash back on your purchases. It’s like an automatic rebate that you don’t have to do anything to get.

The most popular cash back apps include:

  • Rakuten – You can shop at over 2,500 stores and earn back a percentage of your purchase. They pay a small bonus when you sign up and make money for each purchase. Rakuten sends what they call ‘a big fat check’ quarterly with your earnings.
  • Capital One Shopping – If you are tired of discovering a price dropped after you bought something, use Capital One Shopping. The free app offers coupons, promo codes, and price drop monitoring for saving money. If a product’s price drops after you buy it, Capital One can help you get you a refund when possible.
  • Dosh – Link your most used credit or debit card to Dosh, and you’ll automatically earn money back when you shop at one of the 100,000 merchants they partner with.
  • Fetch Rewards – If you don’t want to link a credit card or shop through an app, Fetch Rewards pays points to upload your receipts. You can upload them from anywhere and earn points and bonus points for certain purchases. Any points you earn, you can redeem for gift cards to your favorite stores.
  • Upside (formerly GetUpside) – Gas is expensive today, but Upside makes it cheaper. Download the free app and check which gas stations in your area are paying the highest cashback amount. After you fill up, upload your receipt and get paid for gas.

5. Game Apps

Playing games may not seem like something you can do for money, but these apps pay cash prizes just for playing games.

  • InboxDollars – There are many ways to make 800 dollars on InboxDollars, and playing games is one. Spend a few minutes playing the games you love and earn free money.
  • Swagbucks – You can make extra cash playing games on Swagbucks. They pay a small welcome bonus when you sign up, and then you can make more money playing games and other tasks like answering surveys and watching videos.
  • Mistplay – Gamers love to make 800 dollars fast on Mistplay. This game-only app pays users to play games on their Apple or Android phones. Each game pays up to 200 points, and 1,500 points equals a $5 gift card.
  • Boodle – If you love trying new games and apps, earn coins each time you download a new app or play a new game. You can convert your coins into gift cards when you have enough.
  • Solitaire Cube – If you love Solitaire, download Solitaire Cube and make money fast playing your favorite game.

6. Test Apps

You can make 800 dollars fast if you test apps for companies. Before companies release a new app or an update to an existing one, they pay people to test the apps to work out any bugs and get feedback.

Here are some of the top sites that pay to test apps:

  • UserTesting – Earn $10 for each app you try with UserTesting. They send the money to your PayPal account within seven days.
  • TrymyUI – Earn $10 for each app you try with TrymyUI and have the money sent to your PayPal account.
  • Testbirds – You’ll earn money testing apps for Testbirds, but the amount you make varies based on the tasks involved and the time it takes.

7. Watch Ads

Why not get paid to watch ads if you aren’t bothered by them? These apps pay you to watch ads versus block or ignore them.

  • Swagbucks – Watching ads is another way to make money on Swagbucks. You’ll earn ‘SBs’ for each ad you watch, adding to your earnings and helping you reach your 800-dollar goal fast.
  • InboxDollars – Make money on InboxDollars watching ads. Do this in between the other tasks InboxDollars pays for, and you’ll increase your earnings quickly.
  • MyPoints – You can make money doing many tasks on MyPoints, including watching ads. You’ll earn a few points for each ad you watch, which you can transfer to gift cards or cash prizes.

8. Discover Hidden Cash

Most of us spend more money than we realize. So I’ve discovered apps that check your monthly bills, spending habits, and bank account to find hidden cash. Who doesn’t love finding free money?

Check out these apps to find more money:

  • Trim – Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions, and have help negotiating bills such as your cable, phone, and internet bills with Trim. The free app also negotiates rates with your banks and credit cards to save money on interest charges.
  • Capital One Shopping (formerly Paribus) – Capital One Shopping is a price drop app that monitors your purchases and automatically gets you a refund if the price drops within the store’s price match policy timeline. It also helps you get compensation for late deliveries from Amazon.
  • Rocket Money (formerly Truebill) – If you’re tired of overpaying on your bills but don’t have time to negotiate, download Rocket Money and let them save money for you. Rocket Money also helps you create (and stick to) a savings plan.

Capital One Shopping compensates us when you sign up for Capital One Shopping using the links we provide.

9. Sell Data

You can make money selling your browsing data. It might feel like an invasion of privacy, but in all honesty, companies already collect data, so you might as well make money doing it.

Try these apps to make money selling data:

  • Nielsen Mobile Panel – Get paid to surf the internet on your phone with Nielsen Mobile Panel. You get paid for having an app on your phone and doing business as usual.
  • MobileXpression – This is another app that pays you to install the free app and leave it on your phone. It monitors your internet habits and pays you in credits that you can convert to gift cards.

10. Sell Your Stuff

If you have items cluttering your home you no longer use, you can sell them and earn $800 cash. You can sell in person or online, but make sure the items you sell online ship easily and won’t cost much.

If you need to make 800 dollars fast, you can have a yard sale and earn money immediately. But, if not, here are my favorite apps to sell your stuff:

  • Decluttr – If you have a lot of tech to sell, try Decluttr. Sell anything from computers to smartphones and tablets for money. They also buy books, CDs, and DVDs for cash. Just download the app, enter your product’s barcode and condition, and they’ll give you an offer. If you accept, you ship the items for free and earn fast cash.
  • OfferUp – If you have items to sell locally, list them on OfferUp. You enter your location and list your items. If they sell, you arrange a mutual meeting place to exchange the item and get paid.
  • Mercari – This is a marketplace you can sell just about anything. You set the price, where you’ll ship, and provide pictures. When the item sells, you ship the item and get paid through Mercari (minus a small fee).
  • Facebook Marketplace – You can list items for sale for free on Facebook Marketplace. You decide if you want to sell locally or offer shipping. There aren’t any fees for selling items on Facebook.
  • Poshmark – If you have brand-name clothing and accessories to sell, open a Poshmark ‘closet’ and sell items. You set the price but can accept offers too. Poshmark keeps a small fee for the use of their site.

11. Freelance Work

If you are good at specific tasks, consider starting a freelance gig. The options are endless, including:

  • Content writing
  • Data entry
  • Website design
  • Proofreading
  • Social media marketing
  • Video editing

You can start a gig on sites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Guru, Fiverr, and Outsourcely. You can set your rate on each site, describe the services you’ll offer, and make money online freelancing.

12. Lawn Care

If you love yard work, you can make 800 dollars fast doing it. Consider doing tasks other than just mowing lawns to make more money. For example, laying mulch, spring and fall cleanup, and planting trees and bushes pay pretty well, getting you closer to your 800 dollars cash goal.

13. Read Emails

You might dread emails, but when you can make money reading them, it’s a lot more motivating, right?

These apps pay you to read emails:

  • Toluna – Earn points for reading emails along with the other tasks Toluna pays for, including taking surveys and playing games. You can convert the points to gift cards to your favorite stores.
  • Inbox Pays – Read emails and click on the links that you’re comfortable clicking on, and Inbox Pays will pay you. This is a simple way to make money; you can cash out when you reach $25.
  • InboxDollars – Along with the other tasks InboxDollars pays you to do, reading emails is one of them. This is how InboxDollars started, and you’ll earn even more money if you accept the offer in the email (at a discounted price).
  • Swagbucks – Supplementing your earnings on Swagbucks by reading emails can help you make extra money faster. Reading emails doesn’t pay a ton, but it’s an excellent supplement to increase your SBs.

14. Chat Online

Customer service jobs are available online and are a great option when figuring out how to make 800 dollars fast.

I like the following apps to get paid to chat online:

  • JustAnswer – Answer questions on topics you’re most knowledgeable about, and you’ll make money fast.
  • The Chat Shop – You can get paid to be a remote live agent for The Chat Shop. You answer customers’ questions and help them with their problems to get paid.
  • Liveworld – If you work for Liveworld, you’re an employee and can earn up to $10 an hour working from home. You may also be eligible for benefits.
  • Amazon Chat Support – If you love shopping on Amazon, why not get paid to help others who do the same? They pay well, with hourly wages as high as $15 an hour to help with customer support.

15. Sell Ideas

Are you constantly coming up with the next best idea but have nothing to do with them? Then, consider selling them to top companies who will pay you for your thoughts.

These companies pay you for your ideas:

  • Sharper Image – If you have a great techy or futuristic idea, pitch it to Sharper Image and make 800 dollars fast.
  • Henkel – Check Henkel’s website frequently for their latest challenges to solve consumers’ most pressing laundry concerns and get paid for your ideas.
  • Dorman Products – If you have great hardware ideas, pitch them to Dorman Products and enter for a chance to earn up to $500 a month.
  • 3M – Pitch your science-based ideas to 3M and get paid for them.

16. Donate Plasma

If you’re thinking, ‘I need 800 dollars now,’ consider donating plasma. First-time blood donors make the most money, but even ongoing, you can earn good money for your donations. Donating plasma is a great way to make extra money, and help people in less fortunate medical situations have good health.

To qualify, you must pass a health exam and the basic questions they ask each time you donate.

17. Read Books

Bookworms unite! Not only can you do what you love, but you can also make money doing it! I found these sites that pay you to read books:

  • OnlineBookClub – Give your honest opinion in a paid book review and earn money for reading books supplied to you at no cost.
  • Any Subject Books – If you are passionate about a niche, sign up for Any Subject Books to be a paid reviewer. The reviews are invite-only, so check back often if you don’t qualify initially.
  • US Review of Books – You need to write well and be able to discuss the books you read professionally to get accepted, but if you do, US Review of Books pays writers well for their reviews.

18. Exercise

Getting paid to exercise might be your motivation to get back on track. So whether your goal is to lose weight, get more movement in, or just want to make 800 dollars fast, these apps pay you to exercise:

  • HealthyWage – Bet on yourself to complete a fitness challenge, and HealthyWage will pay you individually or as a team for reaching your goals.
  • Evidation (formerly Achievement) – If you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle and earn money online, sign up for an Evidation You earn points when you lead a healthy lifestyle and can redeem them for cash prizes.
  • Sweatcoin – If you love walking, reach your $800 cash goal by getting your steps in and converting your ‘sweatcoins’ into cash.

19. Market Research

Companies pay consumers to answer market research surveys to get an idea of what consumers like. They create online surveys that they pay consumers to take to provide their opinion so companies can provide the best products and services to sell. You can reach your goal to make 800 dollars fast when you sign up for the highest-paying survey sites or a free survey app.

Here are my favorite paid survey sites to help you reach your 800-dollar goal:

  • InboxDollars – Taking online surveys is one of the best ways to increase your earnings on InBoxDollars. If you play games or watch videos, add the top paying surveys to your tasks to make more money.
  • LifePoints – Each survey you answer on LifePoints pays you ‘life points,’ which you can redeem for rewards or cash.
  • Swagbucks – Online surveys are a great way to increase the ‘SBs’ you earn on Swagbucks that you can cash in for cash and rewards.
  • Survey Junkie – This is one of the top survey sites that pays cash for your opinion. Complete a profile and respond to invites quickly to make 800 dollars or more on this survey site.

20. Invest in Real Estate

Consider real estate investing if you want a passive way to make money consistently. You can make money in many ways with real estate, including:

  • Buy a rental property and rent it out for monthly income
  • Invest in real estate investment trusts on Roofstock
  • Invest in crowdfunding on sites like Fundrise

21. Social Media

If you want to know how to make 800 dollars fast and have a large social media presence, the answer may be right in front of you.

Companies pay people with large followings to be brand ambassadors or to share affiliate links to promote their products and services. You can make money on just about any social media site, including:

  • YouTube – Vlog your life, share your opinion on products, and make money on YouTube. This is one of the largest platforms to earn a passive income stream because of its large following and ease of making videos.
  • Instagram – This is one of the most popular social media platforms, especially if you are a visual person. Become a brand ambassador, share sponsored posts, or share affiliate links to products and make extra money.
  • Facebook – The younger audiences might not be on Facebook, but enough of the world is that you should have an active Facebook account if you want to make money online.
  • Snapchat – Your conversations may go away in seconds, but there is enough money-making opportunities on Snapchat, including making Snapchat filters and using affiliate marketing links.
  • Twitch – Gamers love Twitch, and if you are a good gamer, people may want to follow you. Once you have followers, you can ask for donations, sell merchandise, or through sponsorships.

22. Post Ads

Companies may pay you to post their ads if you have an online store or blog. This can be a great way to make money online because you don’t have to do anything more than you already do on your store or blog.

You’ll need a large audience that you’ve niched down to get more ads so brands can reach their target audience using your platform.

23. Become a Virtual Assistant

You can make money quickly as a virtual assistant if you’re organized and great at administrative tasks. First, of course, you choose which services you’ll offer, but the most common tasks include:

  • Data entry
  • Making appointments
  • Content creation and management
  • Social media management
  • Web design
  • Marketing

You set the rates for your services and can advertise yourself or start a freelance gig on sites like Fiverr or Upwork.

24. Take Pictures

If you love taking pictures, make extra cash selling them online. This is a great passive income idea because you take the picture once and then can sell them on sites like the following:

  • Shutterstock – Get paid for your photographs on Shutterstock. You earn more money with the more photos you sell, but on average, you can earn $40 a picture.
  • iStockPhoto – List your photos on iStockPhoto and get paid each time someone buys them.
  • PhotoMoolah – If you love challenges, watch the monthly contests PhotoMoolah runs and enter for your chance to win large cash prizes.
  • Fotolia – Whether you’re a new photographer or have a lot of experience, you can make extra cash selling your photos on Fotolia.

25. Scooter Charging

Scooters are a great mode of transportation until they don’t run anymore. The good news is that you can make money to reach your goal of making 800 dollars.

Here are two apps to help you make money:

  • Lime – Download the Lime app and sign up as a ‘Juicer’ to make $5 per scooter you charge.
  • Bird – Bird pays ‘Chargers’ to collect, charge, and deliver charged scooters. Most scooters pay $5 each, but if you can grab several at a time, you can make extra cash.

26. Pet Sitting/Walking

If you love pets, get paid to watch them or walk them for their owners. Then, you decide what services you’ll offer and where you’ll offer these services. For example, will you come to the owner’s house and walk the dog daily, or will you watch the pets in your own home?

The most popular app for pet sitting and walking is Rover. The app connects pet caregivers with pet owners in your area. You connect and discuss the rate and services offered, conducting all payments and communication through the app.

27. Rent Out Your Car

If you need to know how to make 800 dollars fast and have an extra car or a car you don’t use, rent it out ad make money.

The two best apps to make 800 to rent your car are:

  • Turo – This is the largest car rental marketplace. You list your car for free, and when someone rents it, you keep up to 85% of the money earned.
  • Getaround – You can also list your car on Getaround for free and get paid to rent your vehicle to people visiting your city who need transportation.

28. Handyman (And Woman) Services

If you’re good with your hands and don’t mind helping homeowners fix or build items from scratch, you can offer your handyperson services. You choose what services you’ll offer, the rate, and when you’re available. This is a great gig to do on the side in your free time.

29. Online Tutoring

You can make money tutoring online if you are a certified teacher or have a bachelor’s degree. This is a great way to make money online and use your skills.

You can get paid to tutor on sites like Chegg, VIPKid, QKids, Princeton Review, and Skooli. Each app has different qualifying requirements, but in general, you must:

  • Be a certified teacher.
  • Know the subject you’re teaching.
  • Be available during the hours required; for example, for VIPKid, you work during China’s after-school hours, which is late at night in the US because you teach English online.

30. Free Stocks

You might not think of free stock to make money fast, but when you sign up for certain robo-advisors, they reward you with free stock that you can handle how you want, including selling right away to make $800.

Some of my favorite apps to set up a free account and increase my cash flow include:

31. Find a Flexible Part-Time Job

Many companies hire part-time employees too. If you need to know how to get $800 fast, look at the local ads on Indeed to find a company near you hiring part-time.

You may also find companies that pay you to work from home part-time, allowing a more flexible schedule to help you reach your goals.

32. Negotiate a Pay Raise

If it’s been a while since you’ve received a raise, consider asking for a pay raise. Do this only when you know your company is doing well and your boss is in the mood to hear your request.

Ask your boss for a sit-down meeting with the two of you and plead your case, providing your boss with details about why you think you deserve the raise, including your accomplishments and the average salary for your job in your area.

33. Open a New Credit Card

Credit card debt isn’t ideal, but if you need $800 fast, you may apply for a new credit card. You may be able to get a large credit line if you have good credit and don’t have a lot of outstanding debt.

The key is to avoid charging the full amount. Ideally, you won’t charge more than 30% of your total credit line to avoid hurting your credit score. Even better, I recommend paying your credit card bill in full each month.

Tips for When You Need $800 Now

Here are 3 important tips to keep in mind:

  1. Diversify your efforts – Most of the tips I provided to make money fast pay small amounts that add up over time. If you need cash immediately, try several methods shared here to make money even quicker.
  2. Fit in as many options in your free time as possible – You can do many of the ideas I shared here in your free time. For example, signing up for survey sites, reading emails, playing games, and watching videos are all things you can do in your free time. The more you do, the more money you’ll make.
  3. Set up a separate savings account – Any money you earn from your efforts to make extra money, deposit into a separate bank account. This way, you aren’t tempted to spend it and will have it for the emergency you’re experiencing.

How to Avoid Needing Cash Fast

It’s not the best feeling to need 800 dollars cash fast, especially in an emergency. To avoid this from happening in the future, here are a few recommendations:

Create a Budget

Creating a budget may help you find how you can save money. You’ll see where you overspend and can change your spending habits to increase your chance of having money for emergencies rather than scrambling to figure out how to get 800 dollars fast.

Set Goals

When you create your budget, set goals. The first should be to save an emergency fund, but other goals can include:

  • Saving for vacation
  • Buying a home
  • Buying a car
  • Any other personal finance goals you have

Automate Savings

Consider paying yourself first each month or every payday. Then, after you create a budget, you know how much you can save. Set up automatic savings with your bank or through your employer’s direct deposit, and you’ll automatically save money each month.

Automate Bills for Discounts

Some creditors offer a discount if you set up autopay. They reward customers who automatically pay their bills because it means they will receive your payment on time every month. You might get a lower interest rate on a loan or a fixed amount off your monthly bill; it varies by the creditor.

Establish an Emergency Fund

Everyone needs an emergency fund. I always suggest that my readers save at least three to six months of expenses. This ensures you can handle most emergencies thrown your way without panicking or trying to figure out how to make 800 dollars fast.

If you don’t have an emergency fund, start with a $1,000 goal, but work up to three to six months of expenses.


How much an hour is $800 a week?

If you make $800 a week, that converts to approximately $20 an hour if you work full-time.

What can I do to make $800 a week?

You can do many things to make $800 a week, but the highest paying tasks are lawn work, freelance gigs, pet sitting/walking, and investing in real estate. If you supplement these earnings with smaller paying tasks, you’ll reach your goal of $800 a week.

How Do I Identify Apps That Aren’t Legit When I Need 800 Dollars?

Do your research on any apps before signing up for them. Read reviews and check the Better Business Bureau to ensure they have a good rating and are legit before sharing your personal information.

What Are the Best Ways for Kids to Earn $800 Cash?

Even kids can earn cash. The easiest way is offering services like babysitting, pet sitting/walking, lawn mowing, or snow shoveling.

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