Ways to Make Money from Home

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Everyone likes to make a quick buck and preferably would like to know how to make money from home.

So it comes as no real surprise that there are thousands of websites out there which can show you a million different ways to go about this.

But it’s pretty easy to see after searching through many make money from home websites they aren’t legit. In fact, a majority of them aren’t. Most of them are crap.

So, that’s why I thought I would share with your legitimate ways to make money from home, and. thankfully, there are quite a few ways!

Mind you, you won’t become an overnight millionaire by trying any of these, but they will surely put some handy extra cash in your wallet, and better yet, you don’t have to pick just one!

19 Ways to Make Money From Home

Here are the 19 best ways to make money from home:

  1. Take Online Surveys
  2. Start Blogging
  3. Rent Out Your Spare Room
  4. Tutor Online
  5. Transcription
  6. Rent Your Stuff
  7. Pet Sitting
  8. Invest Your Small Change
  9. Babysit
  10. Sell Your Content Online
  11. Start A Home-Based Business
  12. Sell Your Clothes
  13. Leverage Your Talent
  14. Direct Selling
  15. Start A YouTube Channel
  16. Make Money From Your Cell Phone
  17. Customer Service Rep
  18. Rent Out Your Car
  19. Get Cash Back

1. Take Online Surveys

This is hands down the easiest way to make money online and earn money from home. There are many survey sites out there.

However, the best survey sites, in my opinion, are Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and InboxDollars.

I recommend scheduling some time every week when you sit down and do online surveys as another way to make money from home.

While they definitely aren’t for everyone, taking surveys is an easy way to make money and worth testing out. Some people really love doing it.

2. Start Blogging

This is one of the best ways to make the most money online. I’m not saying it’s easy to grow a blog by any means, but blogging is a proven path to making money online and many of my friends make at least $2,000 per month and many others make a lot more.

Wondering how much money bloggers make? Last year alone I made over $800,000 from this blog. While you can literally blog about anything, I recommend you pick a topic that you enjoy so you’ll stick with it. Another nice thing about blogging is that you can do it in addition to many of the other ways to make money from home.

If you’d like to learn more check out my step by step guide on how to start a blog and subscribe to my free 7 Day Blogging email side hustle course.

3. Rent Out Your Spare Room

Heard of Airbnb? Sure you have. It’s the popular online global marketplace that leases/rents short-term lodgings for people who need them. Here’s a previous profile of my friend Jerry who at $10k in profit a month shows how making money with Airbnb is so easy.

Now think about that spare room in your apartment/home that you don’t really use. Why not list it on Airbnb and make hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the process. If you have a spare house, even better.

Just remember to clean it up nicely first – get it painted if you have to. Stock it with all the things you would expect in a hotel room – toiletries, towels, soap, and clean curtains – before listing it online.

Now all you need to do is await your first guests, play the good host to the hilt and watch the dollars fly into your bank account.

4. Online Tutoring

Unlike offline teaching jobs, this one doesn’t always require you to have a teaching degree or even teaching experience for that matter. Yet you can still make some decent money by tutoring online with sites like Skooli. It’s a great side gig for a regular full-time job.

What’s more, the timing is quite flexible, and you can choose from morning, evening or even weekend slots and the payout is pretty strong– with some seasoned pros making as much as $21 for every 40-minute class. It can also be a great way to test out whether you like tutoring and you could eventually turn it into an offline way to make money from home as well.

5. Become a Transcriptionist

Well, to be honest, transcriptions have been around for years.  However recent years have seen a noticeable spike in the number of online sites hawking transcription services at bottom dollar rates with quick turnaround times.

Those who have never done it before could check out transcription jobs on sites like Rev.com and you don’t even need to have prior experience. Payment rates are based purely on quality and timely delivery, which means the more audio files you can convert into accurate text – the more money you will make. Some Millennial Money readers love doing transcriptions.

6. Rent Your Stuff

Do you have a digital camera that you rarely use, or a seldom-used sports bike catching dust in your garage? Did you know they can still make you some serious cash? All you need to do is rent them out to people who need them, but can’t afford to buy them.

The fun part of this deal is that you can rent out anything that you don’t use much – from your kitchen oven to the chainsaw in your shed. Yup, just about anything – that works. There are several online marketplaces like Sailo (if you have a sailboat you would like to rent out) and KitSplit (for that digicam you no longer use), which can help you rent out your stuff and make some money in the bargain.

7. Pet Sitting

Most people love pets – but they also have to work hard to make a living. So where does that leave their pets when they have to go to work? This is where you come in.

If you have a fairly large house, you can start a pet sitting service which means you look after the pets when their owners leave for work or have some other engagement to take care off.

You could begin by gathering some intel on the local pet care companies in your area to see what they offer and take it from there. Dog walking is another service you could include in your portfolio to make even more money.

One of the best websites to make money from home pet sitting and walking is Rover.

8. Invest Your Small Change

Yes, that’s right. There are ways to earn money by simply investing the spare change lying around your home from one of your frequent shopping trips or your visit to the nearest grocery store.

For example, an app called Acorns enables you to do just that – invest that loose change just lying around. Stockpile is another popular micro-investment site that offers a similar service. What’s more, there is an extra $5 bonus for you if you sign-up.

9. Baby-Sit Kids at Your Home

Ok, a word of caution here. You have to be great with kids if you want to go ahead with this one. Many parents find daycare costs prohibitively expensive – and with good reason.

You could offer them a much cheaper alternative – by agreeing to look after a couple of kids at your place, for a small fee of course.

If you have kids of your own – even better. They can keep each other occupied and entertained even as you tend to your chores while keeping a cursory eye out for them.

You can use Care.com to promote yourself as a great babysitter in your area, making it that much easier for families to find your babysitting services!

10. Sell Your Content Online

Do you fancy your photography skills and want to make money from it? Well, you can courtesy this new app called Foap.

First, you need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play and sign up for an account. Next, start clicking marketable pictures or videos using your Android or IoS device and simply upload them on Foap’s marketplace.

Each time someone buys your content – you get half the cash. So if someone buys a picture or a video from your online portfolio for $20 – you to keep a cool $10. Sweet deal, right?

The only catch? Your content should be good enough to impress the folks over at Foap, so those cute pics you upload on Instagram or FB – just won’t make the cut.

11. Start a Home-Based Business

Do you have a skill that can make you some money? Sure, we all do – if we put our mind to it. It could be anything – cooking, writing, baking, sewing or even party-planning. You could think about starting a small home-based business around any of these talents (or one of your own) to make some extra cash.

There are specific sites that target such home entrepreneurs and help them set up their business online. There are hundreds of ways to make money, but this one is one of the more tried-and-tested ways. Give it a go – you just might make it happen, you never know.

12. Sell Your Clothes Online

There is a market for pretty much everything out there, and your clothes are no exception. Two online sites that will pay you cash for your new/barely-used clothes in good condition are ThredUp and Poshmark.

So if you’ve been thinking about cleaning out your closet – now is as good a time as any – to get rid of that old cocktail you never wore, the slacks that went out of style five years ago and that bright orange sweater, your ol’ Uncle Bob gifted you – which you secretly hated.

Now isn’t this a great way to not only rid your home of all your unwanted clothing but also make some decent cash in the bargain?

13.  Leverage Your Talent

Do you have a way with words and can edit a document in minutes? Or perhaps you’re a bathroom singer with a baritone that would make Elvis Presley envious? If so, it’s time to bring your secret talent out of the closet and make some money from it.

It could be anything – graphic design, writing & editing, singing, cooking or even painting – the list is endless. There are online platforms like Task Rabbit and Fiverr where you can sell your skills to the highest bidder and rake in the cash.

If you haven’t thought about this option – it’s high time you did.

14.  Get Into Direct Selling

As the term suggests, this option involves selling the products of reputed companies directly (for a healthy commission) to people you know and members of your social circle.

There is no dearth of companies or products) to choose from either – Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay and Amway – are some of the famous names that come to mind immediately.

You could also choose to become a direct seller for a company/cause that you actually support. For example, become a direct seller of a renowned pet food brand – because you love animals.

15. Start a YouTube Channel

Posting videos on YouTube is a fun activity for most, but did you know you could make some serious money by starting your own YouTube channel.

You could begin by simply showcasing a special talent of yours (acting, dancing, singing, juggling), start a travelogue – if you have a fetish for visiting new places or review the latest gizmos – if you’re a gadget geek.

Once you get people hooked to your stuff, apply for Google AdSense approval to monetize your content. If you start getting serious numbers consistently, there are even more ways to make money which you can easily find online.

16. Make Money from your Cellphone

For those of you who thought that a cellphone could only be used to talk, click pictures, listen to music or browse the internet – think again. It can also be used to earn some easy money doing practically nothing or at the most stuff that you do pretty much every day as it is.

Yup, I am serious. There are several online apps out there who would be more than willing to pay you hard cash to just do your thing – listening to music, taking a jog, watching videos, eating out and even just snapping pictures of all your shopping receipts.

Want to know more. Check out these reviews– Ibotta, Rakuten and MyPoints – and you will know what we are talking about.

17. Become a Customer Service Rep

There are several major companies which are always on the lookout for professionals to join as work-from-home customer service representatives to promote their products and services.

The job is flexible in terms of working hours, and you can earn good money too. All you need is access to a computer/laptop and a reliable, a high-speed internet connection and a quiet corner of your home to work from.

Finding the right customer service rep jobs is also quite simple, and you can easily find the apt one for you by logging onto sites like Alpine Access and Indeed.

18. Rent Out Your Car

There is more than one way to make money from home with this one. If you own a car, you could think about starting a food delivery service and getting paid to deliver food and grocery to people’s homes. Or you could simply rent it out to people who need one by listing it on sites like Turo.

You could also use it to give car driving lessons to people in your neighborhood who want to learn how to drive.

But if you’d rather be the man behind the wheel yourself, you can still make some pretty useful extra cash by driving for popular aggregator cab services like Uber and Lyft – in your free time.

The money is decent and varies between $20-40 per hour, depending on the city and time of day you choose to drive.

19. Get Your Cash Back

Chances are you might have heard (and even tried) online cashback sites like Rakuten, for example. But how about getting your money back for in-store purchases made by you.

Believe it or not, it’s possible, courtesy of newer apps like Dosh and Dropthat do just that. All you need to do is link your credit/debit cards, and every time you use them, these Apps will get you up to 10 percent back in your wallet. As the saying goes – a dollar saved is a dollar earned.

Start Making Money From Home Today

So there you have it, all you need to know about how to make money from home – without being scammed, robbed or conned.

So go right ahead and take your pick and start your side hustling today. It just might change your life forever.

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